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What is boosting, where can you order it and how does the process take place?

What Is Boosting, Where Can You Order It And How Does The Process Take Place?

Definition of boosting and its target audience

World of Warcraft has long ceased to be just a game. This is a whole world in which serious passions boil, and behind an attractive facade there is a dark side and “boosting” is one of its aspects.

Of course, this is a joke. Compared to real crimes such as hacking accounts, laundering criminal proceeds using virtual currencies, fraudulent seizure of game items, boosting is not an action for which administrative, and even more so, criminal liability is provided. It’s just that this method of leveling characters is not approved by the developers and, more importantly, shareholders. But first things first.

What is boosting and who needs it

Boosting, until recently, was perceived as helping a more experienced player to a beginner to receive the latter various awards or to complete missions that cannot be overcome at the initial levels of character development. However, now the boosting has changed somewhat and is a paid leveling of the character by professional players.

Who might need this service if you can level up your character yourself while enjoying the game. There can be many reasons for using the services of professionals, ranging from lack of time to complete routine quests necessary to progress in the game to much more serious reasons, like a sudden disability or other health issues. The reasons are not the topic of this article. The main thing is that demand generates supply. And competition, in turn, contributes to a significant improvement in the quality of boost services.

Many years ago it was necessary to look for a specialist in WoW boost on specialized forums. And then worry about whether you will be thrown for money and whether your account will be taken away. But now the situation has become more civilized. Special services and marketplaces have appeared, and turned an unregulated business into one that provides a high-quality service with a guaranteed result for a customer’s money.

How the order is placed

To contact a professional player to place an order for a boost, follow these steps:

Find and visit one of the Boosting Internet resources. Browse for a while and when you feel like buying something, contact them via means posted on their websites. Some boosting marketplaces offer significant discounts on first order and sign up bonuses;

Clarify all the details of the order and place it by transferring funds. These funds will be in a blocked account until the order is completed;

Among the proposed list, the executive will find a suitable candidate and assign your order to them;

Wait until the order is completed. Log in and check the delivery and quality of service and if everything is looking good, confirm the execution of the order; this will unlock the payment and it will be transferred to the performer;

If possible, leave a review for the contractor, which will help customers better navigate in the future.

How boosting works

In fact, there are two ways to do a boost:

The customer does NOT provide the performer with the login and password for his account — so called self-play boost. Look at it as a renting service. You pay to play with a professional player or a team which knows what they’re doing and will help you reach the goal. If you opt to play yourself, be ready to put some time and effort in whatever you’re paying for.

Disadvantages – the need, albeit limited, to participate in the boosting process, as well as to have a constantly busy PC;

The username and password of the account is transferred to the performer. In this case, starting and boosting is performed by another player from another PC.

IMPORTANT! Experienced professional boosters always use special VPN programs, creating a virtual presence of the entry point in the customer’s country (and city). This completely removes all questions related to the unhealthy attention of Blizzard Entertainment moderators to such a harmless process as boosting.

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