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Exploring the Transition from Study Visa to Canadian Permanent Residency

Once you get the study visa and complete your transcript, degree, or diploma, you can apply for a Canadian permanent residency (PR) upon its completion.  It will give various benefits to an individual, which include staying and working in the country permanently.

The status of PR depends on the country after the study visa is completed. For more info, find a list of registered immigration consultants in Dubai. In this article, we will be discussing a few points for students to get PR after a Study visa.

  1. Score Based Points:

In the Express Entry program, students can easily apply for Permanent Residency based on factors such as,

  • The age of an individual (under 18 will get more points)
  • Qualification
  • Working Experience (more beneficial if related to your studies)
  • Language proficiency (especially in English)
  1. Provincial Program:

In Canada, there are many provinces that offer a nominee program called the Provincial Nominee program. It gives foreign students an opportunity to get PR (permanent Residency).  Candidate has to fulfill certain requirements, for example, completion of a particular program or availability of a job offer letter from a provincial employer.

  1. Sponsorship:

In this, foreign students are eligible to get permanent residency status through Canadian employers’ sponsorship. The employer should sponsor the student for Permanent residency using the proper channel.

  1. Business Visa:

This is also called a startup visa. Canada, in terms of startup visas, gives its foreign students the opportunity to come up with new business ideas and innovations to get PR status. This needs to be approved by the authorized Canadian institute, whatever the business ideas are.

  1. Work Permit:

For a specific period, some countries allow their international students to apply for post-graduate work permits. This also benefits students in living and working in the country after their studies. This is an opportunity for students to get work experience in Canada and transition to PR status.

  1. CEC (Canadian Experience Class):

There are programs offered by Canadian immigration for permanent residency. CEC (Canadian Experience Class) is specifically configured for those with work experience from Canada.

  1. Medical and Civilized Benefits:

In Canada, Permanent Residents benefit from healthcare coverage. Canada also provides social benefits in terms of maternity and parental leaves, retirement, and insurance coverage.

  1. Quality Living Standard:

Because of Canada’s low crime rate and security assurance, tidy environment, and brilliant social services, Canada ranks among the most developed countries in the world.

  1. Employment Opportunities: 

Permanent residents enjoy working in different sectors. For Canada’s growing economy, skilled workers are highly in demand. The country is also well known for its diverse culture and praising business environment.


This is not an easy process to get a permanent residency after getting a study visa. There are a number of options available at the moment for foreign students in order to apply for a Canadian PR. Consult the immigration consultants in Dubai to bring on board all the required documents along with other requirements, which will gradually increase your chances of getting PR.

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