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Create your game universe with Virtual Reality Devices

Create your game universe with Virtual Reality Devices

VRH is at the forefront of video gaming technologies.

Virtual reality headsets (VRHs), also known as head-mounted displays (HMDs) represent an emerging technology. They are at the forefront of today’s technological innovation. To develop a taste for VR, follow to collect Dell’s coupon codes in order to get cutting-edge VRHs to create your video game universe at a discount. Dell is one of the world’s high-tech powerhouses that matches with time, fueling the world with computers and accessories. 

VR startups draw billions of dollars of investment from tech giants such as Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Dell, Facebook, Intel, and many other technological mammoths. Even though the consumer market offers quite powerful, advanced picks, the technology is only germinating. But even being at the stage of a sprout, VR delivers a groundbreaking experience in video gaming. With the help of BestBuy coupon code, you can access a wide range of VR headsets, controllers, and accessories to enjoy the riches of VR video gaming.

Let’s wrap up what we’ve just learned. VRH sounds like a perfect way to upgrade your at-home computer hardware. All it takes to take your video gaming experience to a whole new level are a headset and hand controller. All that is left to do now is to head for the right VRH pick and create an immersive game universe. Though being physically far away from you, our dear reader, we can feel how all great thrills are being drawn into a whirlpool inside you as we speak. You must be looking forward to embellishing your head with a piece of technological wizardry and indulging yourself in comfortable and smooth VR immersion. 

Guide to creating your game universe with VRH.

A dumb person sees the image of a sleek device and decides to buy it. A wise person casts doubt. Smart people never use images as a safe purchase for their judgments. They read the tech specs of a device and contemplate whether the money-for-value ratio is efficient. Smart people also check and compare guides on how to choose an appropriate VR to create their game universe. Being a wise person, you don’t have to take our guide for granted. But you can use this one as a piece to add to a puzzle and see the big picture. 

The general tech specs of a VRH belong to three categories:

  • Immersion – deep mental involvement, the feeling of presence in your virtual universe;
  • Comfort – you must feel cool and comfortable even following a day-long uninterrupted use.

We are going to use HTC The VIVE Pro 2 Full Kit (controllers included) displayed at the Dell web store as an example of an excellent VRH for deep, comfortable immersion in a virtual universe. 

  • Immersion specs to consider

1. Tracking;

Long story short, inside-out hand tracking is the most convenient position tracking. Some VRH needs you to place sensors and cameras around the play sone. But sooner or later you will accidentally hit and crash those devices. The VIVE Pro 2 is an inside-out tracking VR device that is complemented with lightweight hand controllers that offer an immediate, real-time response. They feel like the natural extension of our hands.

2. Degrees of Freedom (DoF);

It is either 3DoF or 6DoF. Guess what? 6DoF is better. Just like 3DoF, it provides 360° rotation freedom. But the “6” also stands for room-scale tracking – you can move forward/backward, squat and jump, and turn left and right. 6DoF tracking architecture features The VIVE Pro 2.

3. Field of View (FOV);

The eye rotation allows you to reach the maximum FOV of 220°. An industry-average VRH offers 100°. If you see a figure lesser than this one, turn about and move away. The Focus Plus nests at the above-average figure of 120° FOV.

4. Controllers;

Bad controllers are good enough to spoil the gaming experience even if you pair them with a bank-breaking VRH. We can hear you mumbling a reasonable question that you have come up with based on this argument. What makes good controllers? They should be wireless and 6DoF, just as The VIVE Pro 2 Full Kit offers.

5. Sound.

Sound accounts for the lion’s share of the feeling of presence in your virtual universe. Built-in speakers make a baseline. The low end of the VRH range is equipped with them. Built-in headphones feature high-end VR headsets. The VIVE Pro 2 is accompanied by lightweight cutting-edge head-on speakers. They get wrapped over and around your ears, creating deep immersion.  

  • Comfort specs to look at

1. Cooling;

Powerful processes sustain deep immersion. But power comes with heat production. The more power, the more heat. A good VRH must be equipped with excellent ventilation to dissipate heat and keep your head cool. The VIVE Pro 2 has an active cooling system. Along with cooling off your heat, the system also prevents lenses from fogging up. 

2. VR sickness;

Low refresh rates lead to motion sickness. It doesn’t sound like the kind of immersion you expect from VR, does it? If a device turns out to make your want to vomit (literally, not figuratively), you will throw it away (or better trade up). The break-even refresh rate is 60 Hz. If it dives below this level, you will have to welcome VR sickness. Top VRH falls within the range of 90-120 Hz. The VIVE Pro 2 refresh rate is a staggering 120 Hz. 

3. Fit;

You may have a thick muscular neck and looks like you prefer towing trucks with your head every morning instead of light jogging. Yet a too-heavy headset will create stiffness in your neck sooner or later. If you tow trucks, it is likely to be later. Heavy headsets make users report VR faces. This type of VRH leaves you with red marks on your cheekbones and nose. The only way to figure out whether a new VRH fits you is to test-drive it for a few hours in a raw. You ought to check what customers and YouTube vloggers have to say about it. Speaking of The VIVE Pro 2, no complaint reports have been detected. 

4. Cushion.

What cushion is made of? Is it detachable and replaceable? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself before adding VRH to a shopping cart. The cushion will be in direct, steady contact with your skin. It should be well-ventilated and not irritate the soft facial skin. The VIVE Pro 2 cushion complies with all the criteria above. The pads are made of foam that is wrapped in soft natural leather. It provides excellent ventilation and comfort. The cushion can be detached, washed, and replaced when it wears out. 

VRH is a portal to a virtual universe.

If you are looking for a highly realistic feeling of presence in a gaming universe, you cannot compromise on quality. Every single aspect of the immersion and comfort category we’ve described matters. If you decide to compromise at least on one of them, the feeling of something-is-not-right will run away with you and never let you go. Well, not until you’ve traded up your headset to a good one will the feeling go away. Use The VIVE Pro 2 as a benchmark for VRH shopping.

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