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How Emojis Have Completely Revolutionized Communication

Emojis communication

Communication is completely revolutionized after the era of internet. Internet has made it possible to reach each other from entirely different corners of the globe.

The era of internet hasn’t “invented” the idea of messaging and calls but they have certainly changed the way of it. Not simply changed but actually added whole loads of things in a much easier and almost negligible cost. The idea of internet itself is beautiful, it taught us how easier the world would be if only we all had some way of sharing our knowledges with each other.

Besides the formal and rather serious tasks, internet also gives us this opportunity to connect with our loved ones as well as make new friends.

There are many ways to communicate easily online, from texting to calls to audio messages to video calls. But it had been noted over years that the most common form of online communication has been texting.

From communicating formal instructions, information and messages to chit chatting about our daily lives with friends, texting has become an irreplaceable part of our lives.

Communication is the key

The only way to build a relationship, may it be professional or casual, is through conversations. These are highly dependent on texting in today’s era. In these times it is not enough to simply type whatever you want to communicate as this may cause miscommunication where some sentences may sound very rude as the tone of a message cannot be determined simply by looking at the words typed in form of a message. Hence the use of emojis is very important. They help us express ourselves better and also help in avoiding confusions or miscommunications.

Emojis changed the world of communication

Emojis are hands down one of the best inventions in the entirety of digital communication. It completely changed the era of communication and brought a new but important change. Happy, sad, angry or simply offended, emojis got it all for you. Just one single emoticon and your mood is expressed. Your ideas, expressions and emotions are easily delivered through these small smiley faces! Its so amazing to think about! It changed the entire world and made it so much easier to communicate without using any sort of images or voice notes.

Use of emoticons and their importance

Emoticons, also known as emojis are the soul of informal communication. It also is useful in formal communications nowadays to some extent.

As everyone knows, it is very important to remember that a conversation needs to keep going no matter what! Okay not literally but to a large extent. Conversations ending on a abrupt note or just not getting enough talk with people you like are usually because the other person loses interest in it. To avoid this, we need to make sure that the excitement is there in the talk. This can be ensured only through the use of emojis that put emotions, excitement and fire to the chat.

Less is more

“Less is more” is a pretty well-known statement across the world. One of the soul reasons for it is because its true in most cases.

This proves to be true in the case of emojis as well. Although the use of emojis makes the conversations very interesting but overuse of it can make the conversations look too flashy. To avoid this, one should remember to understand, realise and calculate the number of emoticons to use in a conversation, especially involving formal communications. So, the tip is, make use of emojis only to express your emotions completely to the person reading your text and avoid using too many so that it doesn’t take away the beauty of subtleness.

Is there a way to stand out?

In today’s world, the ease of conversations has also created a huge competition in terms of being a significant texter to someone. We won’t go into details of where all “standing out” in the crowd is important, but it is indeed necessary.

So, what can we do to not be lost in the crowd? We can start with typing in our regional language to give it a taste of home and “apna-pan”. We can also make use of regional language to get to know a person better and that too easily. Why? Because people tent to feel much more relaxed when talking in our mother-tongue or native language. We can also make use of the regional language stickers to add more spice to the conversation. You can start with using a Hindi or Marathi keyboard.

What if I only want to use emojis?

Emojis play a huge role in everyday conversation and has not really a “lesser known/ seen” thing anymore. Everyone makes use of it and hence to make it better and different from others, all we can do is make use of emojis that are less commonly used but this comes with its own disadvantages. This is simple, it is “used less” cause its “useless”.  Well maybe not useless entirely but definitely not as easy to use as the commonly used emojis are.

The bigger the better

Using emoticons each day of same size and shapes available to everyone really gets dull and repetitious at times!

But do not worry because Bharat Keyboard’s Hindi Keyboard has brought you fun and colourful BigMojis which, as the name itself suggests are much ‘bigger’ as well as ‘better’.

Share BigMoji with your loved ones by just long pressing any emoji on the emoji bar to obtain a freshly brewed magnificent emoticon.

They are too big, quirky, and distinctive to get ignored or to be left on “seen”.

Be unique, be different and be awesome!

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