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15 Driving Test Tips to Help You Pass the First Time

15 Driving Test Tips to Help You Pass the First Time

Being anxious during your driving test is normal, but the best way to ace your exam is to be well-prepared and stay calm. Keep practising behind the wheel until you are confident enough to take the test. Moreover, make sure to be on time on the test day to save yourself from panic and anxiety. You can get driving lessons for proper instructions.  Read more about the cost to learn driving.  In this article, we’ll read aout how to jump start a car in 10 steps.

Ease those nerves and be confident on your driving test day with our easy tips.

15 Driving Test Tips to Help You Pass the First Time

Have a Driving Lesson Beforehand 

Try to go for a driving lesson on the day of your test to clarify any-minute questions or go over any manoeuvres. This will also put you in the right frame of mind, calm your nerves, and prepare you for the driving test. 

Pre-Driving Checklist

As soon as you enter your car/vehicle, there are a few tasks that your instructor/examiner will expect you to perform.  Some of the main items to form a part of your pre-driving checklist are –

  • Safely operate your seatbelt safely
  • Adjust your rear-view and side mirrors
  • Control the temperature of your heating systems and air conditioning 
  • Turn on your high beams, tail lights, and headlights

Regularly Practice Behind the Wheels 

There is no substitute for regularly practising the main driving manoeuvres. Whenever possible, fit in a driving lesson in your everyday schedule, or take an experienced driver to accompany you while driving. This will make you comfortable and allow you to notice your driving mistakes.

Keep Your Eyes on the Mirrors 

Many beginners often make the mistake of keeping their eyes entirely focused on the road ahead of them during the driving exam. This practice can stop you from passing your test and is dangerous in general. 

Your rear-view and side-view mirrors allow you to understand what vehicles are doing around and behind you. Your driving examiner will check how you scan your surroundings using the mirrors. Moreover, check your blind spot as well to get a 360-degree of the road. 

Slow Down During the Turning 

Accelerating into a turn can result in accidents and is considered bad practice during driving exams. As a beginner, you should be more careful while taking turns. Slow down and complete the manoeuvre before reaching out for your accelerator again. Always scan your surroundings to avoid hitting other vehicles or pedestrians during taking turns. 

Obey The Traffic Lights 

Traffic rules should be followed by drivers of all ages. You should prepare yourself to stop when you approach a yellow light as this will ensure that you are not caught running over a red light. Also, look both ways before you accelerate your car after a green light to prevent accidents. This practice will not only help you in your driving test but throughout your life. 

Scan Your Surroundings when Reversing 

Although many modern cars come equipped with backup camera technology, using them is prohibited on the DMV road exam. Your examiner may ask you to turn off the system or cover the camera with a clipboard. 

This makes it essential to observe your surroundings well when reserving and steering back your vehicle to its destination. 

Break Gently 

Aggressive braking can add to your missed points during the driving test. It can be tempting to hit your brake immediately with force, but you should always slowly apply pressure on your brake to allow your vehicle enough time before coming to a stop. 

Choose Your Driving Test Location Wisely 

Driving exam centres are located in multiple areas. But the ones located in congested areas with complicated roundabouts usually have lower pass rates than centres located in less congested areas. Compare the exam pass rates of your neighbouring test centres and opt for the one with high pass rates. 

Have Proper Knowledge of Your Basic Manoeuvres 

You should have a solid understanding of your basic manoeuvres if you want to pass the driver’s test on the first attempt. Even knowing how to perform easy driving tasks like stopping and smoothly accelerating can make a difference in the test. 

Your driving examiner will check whether you are comfortable performing the following manoeuvres:

  • Three-Point Turns
  • Reversing
  • Steering Control
  • Complete Stops

Your Attention Should be on the Road, not the Examiner

You may already know that any distraction while driving can impact your concentration, safety, and driving skills. Even though you may be tempted to know what the examiner is doing or reacting to, your focus should be solely on the road. You should only listen to the instructions given by your examiner if any. 

This way your examiner will also see you as a good driver and have positive feelings about your driving skills. 

Revise Your Theory Again 

Revise your theories of the Highway Code and the meanings of various road signs before you go for your practical test. This will allow you to be more confident when driving. 

Ask your examiner to repeat, if needed 

If you fail to hear any instructions clearly during the test, ask your instructor to repeat it without panicking. 

Know how to drive in different conditions 

You can expect sunny and dry weather on the day of the driving test, but weather conditions can take us by surprise anytime. Make sure you know how to handle your vehicle in both rain and shine. Also, practice with your driving instructor during dark and foggy weather conditions as well to feel confident on the test day even if the weather conditions turn bad. 

Don’t Take the Driving Test Too Early

It’s understandable to want to pass the driving test fast and get hold of your driving license, but taking the test when you are not ready will lead to failure. 

Summing Up

Even if you fail the test you should not be heartbroken as there is always room for improvement. Your examiner will give you the best driving tips after the exam irrespective of whether you have passed or failed the exam. Remember to keep calm and focus on your driving skills on the big day. 

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