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5 Office Perks Employees Will Love

Office Perks Employees

It’s not easy finding hardworking, talented team members who fit your company culture. So, if you have managed to do that, you have already ticked an important box in recruitment.

However, that’s only half the story. Great recruitment is about finding ways to ensure your best people stick around for the long term. Here are five of the best office perks to help you do that.

1. Flexible Working

Nowadays, many of us are mindful of stress. Changes to family structures often mean there are two incomes in households.

That means most employees want a job that offers a work-life balance so they can juggle the demands of their career with all the other priorities that materialize in the average week.

By offering flexible working to your team, you’ll have job perks that help you retain your best staff. Flexible working can include features like homework or flexible hours. It might even include arrangements like job shares.

2. Professional Development

People want to progress in their jobs.

That might be so they can earn a better wage, or it could be motivated by ambitions to climb the career ladder. But you’ll be a more attractive employer if you offer generous professional development.

That includes generous spending on training, both inside and outside the office. It also includes other ways to develop your staff, like offering mentors or work shadowing opportunities.

3. Private Work Spaces

Having private workspaces can help employees’ well-being. It means they have someone quiet to focus on deep work, and it’s great for those who don’t operate well in hectic environments.

You can offer small private offices and privacy booths in your building where employees can go to work during the day.

Phone booths are also helpful for team members on regular calls. Offering remote working options can also be attractive to some employees.

4. Health and Wellness Program

When employees have busy work periods, other things, like their mental and physical health, can easily slide.

You can do much to support your team here, such as offering wellness programs. You could give your employees access to gym memberships or provide an on-site gym.

You could also offer wellness programs, training, and mental health support, such as a private counseling service. These perks demonstrate that you care about your team and their welfare, boosting employee retention.

5. Offer a Recognition Program

You could recognize and reward your highest-performing team members through monthly awards and gifts.

For example, if you have a sales team, you could offer a generous prize to the person with the highest sales.

This works in other areas, too, like marketing, customer service, and product development. Go for generous and eye-catching rewards, such as vacations, gift vouchers, or extra paid time off work. It’s a great incentive.

Boost Employee Loyalty With Office Perks

Talented staff deserve the best. Plus, introducing premium office perks makes any job more attractive, so it will prevent you from losing your most valued employees to your competitors.

For more ideas on improving your employee relationships, browse the latest business articles on our website.

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