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3 reasons why you’ll need an IP Address Management

3 reasons why you'll need an IP Address Management

Managing thousands of IP-connected devices can be a difficult task for many corporations. IPAM is a way to plan, track, and manage IP addresses on your network.

In this post, you’ll learn what is IP management, what its components are, what the benefits of adopting IPAM are, and much more. Continue reading to know more about IPAM.

What is IPAM?

IPAM, or Internet Protocol Address Management, is a method of organizing, tracking, and altering information about the IP addressing space. It can assist network administrators in keeping the IP address list up to date.

It could be a list of assigned and unassigned IP addresses, as well as their subnets, status, hostname information, and even the hardware they’re associated with. In most cases, an IPAM combines with DHCP and DNS to provide even more specific data.

What Are the Components of IPAM?

IPAM is made up of three parts: IP Address Inventory Management, DNS Management, and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Management.

Reasons for IP Address Management

1. It establishes a centralized repository for accurate statistics

Organizations can use IPAM to create an inventory of their private and public networks, subnets, and IP addresses. Administrators will also be able to keep precise and up-to-date records of IP assignments and available addresses, preventing IP address shortages. IPAM can give you information on things like:

  • Free/assigned IP address space
  • IP addresses’ status
  • IP addresses’ hostnames

2. It Enhances Reliability

With increasing networks, misconfigurations, overlapping subnets, and IP address issues can have a detrimental influence on the entire network and increase the burden on network administrators. IPAM mitigates these hazards by allowing for speedier troubleshooting, displaying a domain name’s exact placement in a DNS server hierarchy by enforcing Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), and reducing network service unavailability.

3. IPAM Provides You High-End Security for Network and Connected Devices

Detecting any threats, security breaches, or device misuse within an organization’s network is a high issue for administrators. Access to IPAM data is critical since it provides them with critical information about used IP addresses, which IP addresses are assigned to which devices, the time of assignment, and the user of the given device. To ensure data integrity, it’s critical to figure out what’s causing these problems and fix them right away.

Bottom Line

Organizations can gain control of their IP address and namespace by introducing IPAM at the network’s center, resulting in more reliable service delivery as well as increased efficiencies and cost savings in network operations. To put it another way, firms that use IPAM avoid getting caught up in so-called IP chaos.

We hope you learned something new about IPAM in this post. Having a solid IP Address Management solution incorporated into your system will allow you to keep track of IP address changes, updates, and ensure that you are always up to date with your network’s changes.

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