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5 Ways To Build And Maintain A Healthy Online Community?

As a successful digital entrepreneur, your end goal is to engage potential visitors or clients. At some point, you start thinking of developing your community to build trust and drive sales. However, it’s easy to be clueless about where to take on your mission from, particularly if you lack expertise. The professionals at Viafoura have come up with certain guidelines that would help you build and maintain a healthy online community.

Having a loyal community of readers or customers would help you edge past your competitors. It’s a great resource to Hair Care nurture potential buyers or followers with relevant information and interaction. Read on to know how to start your grand mission to sustain a powerful online community.

What Is An Online Community? How Does It Work?

An online community refers to internet users having some shared interests. The community members are usually interested in a brand’s products or services. Your online community might be regional, global, or focused on the demographics where you target your customers. Besides, you can develop a community revolving around a social media platform or your blog or website.

You can foster your followers with care and convert them into your brand advocates with a robust community. With loyal community members around, they can enhance your digital footprint through social media and drive greater customer engagements. You might require professional support to set up an online community and make it work in your favor.

Key Perks Of Building An Online Community

Here are some reasons why brands are keen on building an online community:

  • Establish seamless connections with loyal customers and deliver better customer service
  • Elevate the chances of add-on revenue, upselling, and cross-selling
  • Strengthen your presence on social media, depending on where your followers are concentrated
  • Turn loyal customers to brand advocates and leverage your business after identifying them
  • Retaining existing customers and enjoying faster means to acquire fresh ones

Building And Maintaining Your Online Community

To start, you need to decide whether to develop your community on a Facebook page, your official website, an email thread, or any other digital platform. Depending on your budget and nature of business, experts will guide you on building the community. Once you have started working on acquiring more followers, you need to follow the guidelines presented below to sustain the community.

1. Making The Best Of User Generated Content

Successful brands acknowledge the value of UGC (user-generated content). They encourage their community members to come up with posts that would make authentic content for the community. This would leverage engagement between their fellow members. 

Ultimately, this would reflect upon the perceived values and bonds of the community. At the same time, you can improve your SEO with user-generated content.

After all, when real people contribute to the content in your community, it is likely to enjoy more shares. Over the years, your content volume will keep growing, resulting in even more engagement.

2. Allow Your Users To Educate One Another

One of the best tactics to sustain a healthy community is to allow its members to educate one another about your offerings. This way, you can get a virtually free mechanism to promote your products or services. 

A buzzing community has energetic members ready to help out one another with product recommendations. In this way, you can boost your sales by having a platform where existing and new customers interact.

3. Track User Behavior

Now that you have launched an online community for your brand, you need to use the available data to your advantage. Experts recommend using advanced analytics tools. These tools would help you monitor the interests of the existing users. 

In case there’s a shift in sentiment or a preference that you should know, the intelligent systems will generate valuable reports. It’s imperative to track your customers’ attitudes to understand their pulse. Once you know what they want, you can make necessary changes in your products or services.

Online communities often host discussions, from where you can get an idea of the customer’s sentiments. With professional support, you can evaluate the users’ comments and reactions and make your decisions accordingly.

4. Establish The Boundaries

In order to grow your brand image via online communities, it’s imperative to establish boundaries. Therefore, hire professional moderators to keep an eye on the users and their behavior. Established brands that successfully run online communities hire dedicated community managers. This way, they can uphold the brand image and ensure that the platform remains free from threats and bullies.

Establishing boundaries also encourages your brand culture to foster a healthy bond between the members. This would ultimately infuse value into your business. Ensure access to different online resources and tools to the members. This would also ensure better online interaction and participation.

5. Integrate The Live Chat Feature

One of the best ways to cultivate your brand value through your online community is to integrate the live chat feature on your platform. This should allow you to circulate customized blogs to your members. At the same time, the participants would be able to interact with each other. 

From time to time, host events like product launches or discussions. Events that are participatory in nature are better enjoyed when people interact. With social media integration and live chat features, you can convert dull events into lively ones. Following the comments and sentiments of your users, you can also gain fresh content ideas.


You should consider personalizing your user experience through your online community. Given that 80% of users prefer brands offering personalized business experiences, you should consider content personalization seriously. Simply have a consultation with a reputed company to integrate all the advanced features into your online community. 

Experienced experts can help you launch and sustain the community from scratch. Amidst competition, it would be logical to establish a loyal customer base through your community. Working with a reputed service provider, you can integrate live chat, social media, and other features to leverage engagement.

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Wesley Hornbeck writes SEO articles for businesses that want to see their Google search rankings surge. His articles have appeared in a number of e-zine sites, including EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, HubPages and TRCB. His articles focus on balancing information with SEO needs – but never at the expense of providing an entertaining read. When he is not writing, he is found playing his guitar at the seashore.

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