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6 Rules for How to Be a Good Prom Date

Good Prom Date
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Prom is just around the corner! Do you know the rules to being a good prom date? 

Prom can be nerve-wracking, but only if you’re not prepared! You’ve got your flowers, your outfit, and your plans… All that’s left is to figure out how to be a good… no, great, prom date! 

Thankfully, we’ve created this guide on the 6 rules you should follow if you want to be an amazing prom date. We’ve got tips on planning for the big day and how to handle it if the day doesn’t go exactly as you planned! 

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6 Rules for Prom 

  • Dress Appropriately 

While the exact style you wear for prom doesn’t matter, you still want to make sure your outfit is appropriate. Check your school’s dress code and follow it closely to avoid any problems. Most proms are formal events that require you to dress in formal attire. That means no jeans, sneakers, or other casual clothing. If you’re a guy, make sure you learn how to tie the most popular tie knots properly. 

  • Don’t let expectations get the best of you

We all know that prom comes with some serious expectations. You might feel pressured since it’s the “end” of your high school career and you might feel as if you need to have the best night of your life. The important thing is not to let these emotions get the best of you or you’ll be nothing but a ball of anxiety! Try to relax and don’t let expectations ruin your evening. 

  • Have a plan

It’s always important to have a plan going into prom night. Think carefully about the logistics of the evening like your transportation, what colors you’ll be wearing, and who you’ll be going with. Make your plan and try to stick to it to ensure the evening goes smoothly. 

  • Don’t get upset if your plans change

While having a plan is important, it’s also important to remain calm if your plans don’t go your way. During every major event, many things can go wrong and you don’t want to freak out over it and ruin your special day. Make the best of any problems that might arise and you’ll have a better night overall, and so will your date. 

  • Don’t drink too much

Of course, we don’t want to encourage underage drinking but if it does happen, make sure you drink responsibly. You don’t want yourself, your date, or your friends to end up getting hurt. Not only is it dangerous, but you risk ruining your prom over something ridiculous! 

  • Complement your date

You’ve probably both spent a lot of time getting ready for this special event, so make sure your date knows how good they look! It doesn’t matter whether your date is a guy or a girl, complimenting their look can go a long way toward making them feel special. Go ahead and compliment their dancing, too! 

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