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A detailed review about Huawei Honor Band 5i

Huawei Honor Band 5i
Huawei Honor Band 5i

The huawei honor band 5i is a wrist watch with touch screen. It is the watered down version of original honor band 5 and honor band 5i is more affordable. Its strap is made of silicon. Its dial is in rectangle shape, that is attached with the silicone strap. The strap of this band is detachable and there is a USB connector with which you can connect USB, means that you don’t need to bother about purchasing extra cables. It is a TFT panel measuring 2.4-cm (0.96-in) and this band has 160×80 HD resolution. The display of this watch is more bright and colorful and is very comfortable for eyes. In this article, we shall discuss about the band 5i sale. This band is a little down grade that the original brand. 

Main characteristics of Band 5i:

This band is very comfortable and trending. And the main point is that it is affordable, decent material is used in this band. Some main features of the honor band 5i are described below in which we have discussed about the uses and benefits of this band.

  • This band helps us in many daily activities, it count downs our heartbeat rate and it also counts our steps that how many steps we walk. 
  • It is a polished design that satisfy the battery life. And it is a convenient charger and has essential trackers for your everyday fitness ( I.e.  it counts your steps that can help in becoming fit, and measures your heartbeat rate and many other things that are helpful for you ). 
  • This band has built in USB charger. This band is convenient and modern and this band has workable accuracy. It share a similar sentiment for the 24×7 heart rate tracking, sleep analysis, and SpO2 blood oxygen monitor. So from these points you can understand its importance and uses in our daily work. 

How to use band 5i???

Its very easy to use this band. We have discussed below the functions of different keys:

  • swipe up/down to cycle through different functions.
  • swipe right to step back to the previous menu.
  • touch the circular ring on 5i’s face to return home.
  • swipe right on the home screen to view the phone messages and notifications.
  • swipe down on the home screen to open the music control screen.
  • long press on the home screen to change the watch face.

 Comparison of Honor band 5i and honor band 5:

Here we have compared the features of this band and the original honor 5 band to clear the difference in them. 

  • Display:

Firstly, we compare the display of both bands. Honor band 5i’s display is 0.96 inch TFT color touch screen and resolution is 160×80  pixels. While the display of original band 5 is 0.95 inch AMOLED color touch screen and resolution is 240×120  pixels.

  • Water resistance:

Bands of both are made up of silicone. Both bands are 50 meter water proof.

  • Sensors:

Honor band 5i has 3-axis inertial sensor. Optical heart rate sensor and infrared light wearing detection sensor. While honor band 5 has 6-axis inertial sensor. Optical heart rate sensor and infrared light wearing detection sensor. 

  • Sports mode:

Honor band 5i has 9 sports mode while honor band 5 has 10 sports mode.

  • Battery capacity:

The battery capacity of band 5i is 91 mAH while battery capacity of band 5 is 100 mAh. 

  • Weight:

The difference b/w their weight is not so much. The weight of band 5i is almost 0.0240 kg and weight of brand 5 is 0.0230 kg. 

Price of band 5i:

You can use this band only for some features without mobile. For example, you can use it for watching time, use the timer and stopwatch without phone. Price of this band of honor is almost Rs. 5400 and this band takes almost 1.5 hour for charging.

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