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A Quality Guide: How to Hire Android App Developer, Learn Just in 5 Steps

How to Hire Android App Developer
How to Hire Android App Developer

Android is such a leading app development technology and holds the major share in the market. Till August 21, on the Google play store, the number of apps was available- 2,797,581, and you will be shocked to know that number is increased as 3739 apps are added to the Play Store every day. Android has a 73% share in the mobile OS market. 

For having an Android Mobile App, there are several things required where one of the topmost requirements is Hire Android app developers is such a tedious task. An experienced developer can develop a great app for your business. It will help you regarding the growth of your business. Here is a quality guide that will help you find the best Android app developer for your work.

Before you proceed for the further readings, it would be best to know that what types of Android developers you can hire in 2021-

  • Freelance Developers– It is the cost-effective way, but there are certain conditions with it. You have to look over the work by yourself; the freelancer will only develop the product. Although the advantage is that if you want to develop a small budget app, it will be perfect for you. 
  • In-House Developers– Via going with this option, you will hire the dedicated developer by taking interviews and all. The dark side is you also have to purchase the hardware, software, office space and other expenses. Suppose your product is developed, then you have to spend the extra money for testing it. 
  • Outsourced Team– The best option for having a fine Android app and most suitable for the large-scale project. These are times like something between in-house and freelancers, but you can’t imagine how it will be fantastic to hire them. There is no need to spend the extra money for infra, hardware, software and other expenses that you need while hiring the freelancers or in-house team. As a top advantage, including best Android App Development, confidentiality and security will be there. 

Skills play a crucial role in app development, so to hire dedicated Android developers, you should also consider the following point.

Some Crucial Skills You Need To Check While Hiring Android Developers    

Mobile application development is such a tough task, and it requires in-depth knowledge, experience and sharp programming skills. Here are some skillset that you need to look into a developer while hiring them-

Programming Knowledge-

it includes in-depth knowledge of programming languages required for Android programming. The developer must be proficient with the core concepts. For example- Java and Kotlin are both programming languages being used by Android developers around the globe. So, a developer must have excellent knowledge of it. 


The developer you are going to hire must have practical experience, and it is obvious that for developing business Android applications, extensive work history is required. Here they must be able to use the development tools perfectly to produce the result-oriented product as per requirement, integrating APIs, integrating payment methods and other activities.  

Database Integration

Database works like a soul for any professional app that an Android App Development Company develops for its clients. Initially, the basic database software are MYSQL, SQLite and others. In addition, the developer must know to use the latest software, for example- Firebase Cloud storage. 

Basics of Software Engineering-

Although Software Engineering looks like many theoretical concepts, it is more powerful than expectations. It includes core details of SDLC and software development models that help in developing fine enterprise applications.   

Appropriate Knowledge of UI/UX Designing- 

for any app, front-end and back-end are important, so the developer must be experienced in developing eye-catching UI/UX that can engage the users in a great sense. 

The 5 Essential Steps to find the best Android programmers

While reaching this blog section, you have gone through what kind of Android app developer for hire is available in the market and the skill set required. Now here are important steps that you can follow to find the best Android programmers. 

#1. Goal Definition

Nothing can’t be accomplished without defining the goals, and the same is applied to mobile app development. First, you need to define the goals that include niche, what location you want to target, which audience you need to target and other points. 

#2. Profile Shortlisting

The next step is profile shortlisting. Here you have to shortlist the profile of developers that you can take reference from Clutch, Glassdoor or LinkedIn. It will help you a lot to find the best one as you require. While searching, you need to consider the points such as the experience of technology, working history, client testimonials etc. 

#3. Interview

The interview is the process of judging the skills and attitude of a candidate. After shortlisting the profiles, it will be the next step as interviewing the candidates. Here you can check whether the developers/developer will be capable of doing the work.

#4. Soft Skills     

Even small companies have global clients, so the developers must possess great communication & soft skills. Suppose you have a technical partner from the other continent, then for delivering the best results, the developer must have basic fluency for communication. 

#5. Requirement Understanding

The final stage is requirement understanding; here, you need to check whether the developer understands the requirement. Are they capable of developing your Android application as expected? Are they able to do work in the fast working environment? In the event of providing extra efforts, will they work or not? 

If yes, then it is perfect to hire Android app developers which you have interviewed. 

The Bottom-line!  

Writing this blog is to create a quality guide that a business or an enterprise can refer to hire Android App Developer for app development work. If you are a start-up and want to launch your app, it will be beneficial for you to consult with an experienced on-demand app development company. The reason is Android platform has more users worldwide compared to the other OS. So, you can easily extend your target audience boundary for having great ROI and sales. 

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