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Hoga Toga App: Best Features ( Is it free?)

Hoga Toga App
Image Source: Hopga Toga Website

Hoga toga app is an android app that comes with tons of features that make your android do more than it does now. 

Hoga toga app is one of the most useful apps for technology lovers today. WIth the Hoga toga app, the user can customize their android in a way that the original android system allows. You can change your phone’s look by installing some aesthetic launchers. This way, you can make your smartphone’s home screen look different and mesmerizing thanks to the Hoga toga app. 

Apart from that, the Hoga toga app comes with other useful features that make your android experience even better. 

Before talking about all the features the Hoga toga app offers its users, we need to first understand what the Hoga toga app is and what kind of people use and download it.   

What is Hoga toga app?

Hoga Toga App is an android application that allows users to customize their Android experience. The Hoga toga app lets you customize your Android experience in a way that makes you appreciate it as you keep using it.

Most android users are already familiar with side features such as wallpaper changing, app customizations, etc. The Hoga Toga app improves all those features by providing a number of useful features that make an Android user’s life easier. 

They also have a huge number of wallpaper choices and tons of launchers that we will talk about now. Now that we have mentioned multiple features of the Hoga toga app, now is the time to list all the features the Hoga toga app offers its users. 

Here’s the list of all the features offered by the Hoga toga app. 

Hoga Toga App Features

  • Full Battery Alarm
  • Apex Launcher
  • Disk Digger (Data Recovery Software)
  • Lens Launcher
  • Transparent Display
  • Nova Launcher 
  • Free Call
  • EyeCon
  • WhatsApp Tracker
  • Zen UI Dialer
  • Live Sports Streaming
  • Live Wallpaper
  • Volume Booster
  • Lock Screen Wallpapers

How to Download Hoga Toga App?

The first thing we need to know is that Hoga Toga App is a free-to-download app. All the users can download the hoga toga app for free and easily. You can head to the original hoga toga website and download the Hoga toga app from there. 

How to Download Hoga Toga App

Image Source: Hoga Toga Website

Apart from that, you can head to the google play store and download the Hoga toga app from there. You can download and use the Hoga toga app to facilitate your phone and yourself with tons of useful and exclusive features that you will find in no other app. 

The most popular gimmicks offered by hoga toga app are:

  • RBG Keyboard Lighting
  • Edge Lighting
  • Messages Recovery
  • Notifications LED

Hoga Toga Full Battery Alarm App

Hoga toga app full battery alarm comes with a lot of features that will keep your charging routine in place. Hoga toga full battery alarm comes with an indicator to when to remove your phone from charging to keep its battery health utilized and safe. 

For example, you can adjust the battery percentage on which the alarm rings. This way, you will not have to worry about overcharging your Android for extended periods of time, thanks to the Hoga toga app full battery alarm. 

Another feature of the Hoga toga app is that it rings an alarm if someone tries to remove your phone from charging. 

The way it works is that if you plug your charger into your phone and it starts charging, and someone plugs out the charger, it will start ringing alarming that your phone has been plugged out. 

Hoga Toga Apex Launcher App

To understand what the Hoga toga apex launcher app does, we first need to understand what a launcher is. 

A Launcher is an application that allows you to customize your phone’s home screen and other components such as your app drawer and app icons. 

Hoga toga Apex Launcher app is no different. It allows its users to customize their favorite app into their desired aesthetics. With the immense amount of features that the Hoga toga Apex Launcher app offers, the user can make their phone look amazing and different from the competition.  

Hoga Toga Disk Digger Photo Recovery 

The Disk Digger is one of the most used and widely acknowledged apps that you can use to recover your data, most specifically deleted photos from your android smartphone. 

Most of the photo recovery softwares allows the recovery from only the internal storage of the phone meanwhile the Hoga Toga Disk Digger allows the users to recover their photos from internal and external storage of the android smartphone. 

The Disk Digger works its magic by scanning the metadata of the deleted photos and if their metadata is not available, the Hoga Toga Disk Digger searched for the thumbnails and the remaining cache of the deleted data. Once your photos are recovered by the Disk Digger, you can make a folder on Google Drive and save your photos there because uploading your photos and other important files to the Cloud is always the best way to make sure you don’t lose them. 

Hoga Toga Lens Launcher App

This app allows you to customize your display and app icons. It makes your navigation easier and more reliable. The Hoga Toga Lens Launcher App provides you with the functionality to control your phone’s display in just a single touch. 

This app comes with a unique feature called the “Fisheye Lens”. It is an eye-pleasing graphical effect that allows you to zoom, launch, and other navigations in an aesthetically pleasing process. 

The Hoga Toga Lens Launcher App also comes with a feature (called Equi-Space) that allows you to see and navigate through all of the installed apps in the app drawer. It does it no matter the size of the screen. Its responsiveness is so good that the user will not feel any lag. 

Lens Launcher Pro comes with a set of features that can be accessed by the menu. In the menu, the user can change the icon size of any app, scale the icon into the desired form, manipulate the lens distortion, and take control of the Haptic Feedback. 

Hoga Toga Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper App

Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper App allows you to choose from the best and one of the largest wallpaper libraries to choose from. You can select and choose your wallpaper from the app and the app will do it without any hassle. 

With this app, finding and changing the wallpaper of your choice on your phone will be a piece of cake.  Apart from the good wallpapers the Hoga Toga app Offers, you can also choose to make your phone’s display transparent.   

What it does is make an effect to make your phone’s screen transparent. You also Have the option to choose and install live wallpaper on your home screen or/and lock screen. 

A live wallpaper is a wallpaper with moving objects like a video but not quite. 

Hoga Toga Nova Launcher App

The Hoga Toga Nova Launcher App is a well-optimized Android application that improves and adds animations to your Android experience. 

It changes the app tray of your phone to find and navigate through a huge number of apps on your phone. It even has a search feature. You can find the search bar on the home screen and search for the app you’re looking for. 

The user can save their time by not having to look through a bunch of apps. They can just use the Nova search bar to find and use their desired app. 

Hoga Toga Nova Launcher app is small in size and consumes less memory. This keeps your RAM free and your smartphone fast. 

Hoga Toga Free Call App

The Hoga Toga Free Call App comes with a feature that allows the user to make a phone call for free. You can call anywhere and anyone in the world without having to use your own phone number. 

You can call anyone without having to pay any charges. You also have the option to choose the country code of the number you call from.  

Hoga Toga EyeCon App

The Hoga Toga EyeCon App also known as EyeCon Caller ID is an app that allows you to know and see the incoming caller’s name and photo. The photo feature is a new one. 

You can also record the incoming calls on your phone, thanks to this app. This feature is quite mesmerizing and interesting provided the high security of newer Android versions. 

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EyeCon Caller ID app also allows you to see if someone has changed their profile picture from the EyeCon Caller ID profile. The Hoga Toga EyeCon App is somewhat similar to TrueCaller but it is slightly better than TrueCaller because it comes with other features that don’t come in TrueCaller.  

Hoga Toga WhatsApp Tracker App

The Hoga Toga WhatsApp Tracker App is a nice one to have on your phone. This app comes with some useful features that allow you to know who viewed your profile on WhatsApp. 

You can also see whose WhatsApp you saw in the past. This app also allows you to track the location of your contact. The Hoga Toga WhatsApp Tracker App also allows you to turn off the location of your phone so that other contacts with this app cannot track your location.  

Hoga Toga Zen UI Dialer App

The Hoga Toga Zen UI Dialer App is one of the best apps you can have on your phone when it comes to managing contact lists, calls, and even the Dialer. Forget the old and slow UIs on your phone because this app comes with a lot of useful features. 

Such as:

  • Speed Dial
  • Link Duplicate Contacts
  • Runs a Smart Search when needed
  • Identify and Eliminate Spam calls

Other than that, The Hoga Toga Zen UI Dialer App allows you to view your call history and other important contacts-related information. 

You also have the option to customize the dialer UI to your liking. The UI of call logs and contacts can also be changed. 

You can change the dialer background according to your liking. 

Hoga Toga All Sports Live Streaming App

The Hoga Toga All Sports Live Streaming App is one of the best apps you can have on your Android if you want to watch HD movies and watch different TV shows having different TV channels. 

This app not only allows you to watch HD movies and TV shows but also have the option to watch cricket matches and other famous sports event live for free. 

You can even watch IPL on this app. If you want to watch IPL live online and don’t want to pay any subscription fee and don’t want to compromise on the streaming quality as well, you can download this app and you can watch IPL live for free. 

Hoga Toga Raise High Volume Booster App

The Raise High Volume-Booster app or the Hoga Toga Raise High Volume Booster App allows you to boost the volume of your phone’s speakers. 

With its powerful amplifier, you can enhance and boost your phone speaker’s volume. What it does is amplify the sound you’re playing on your android and, boost and enhance the loudness of your mobile phone’s speakers. This will make your phone louder than normal and you will enjoy your favorite music. 

Hoga Toga Gun Shooting Lock Screen Wallpaper

This app looks like a normal app but is not an ordinary app in any instance. This app has all kinds of different and interesting features and wallpapers for your lock screen. 

You can view and change your lock screen wallpaper easily without having to go to Google and navigate through different wallpaper and then download them and then apply them as you lock screen. 

With this app, you can change your lock screen wallpaper with just one click.

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