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A Quick Rundown of What Happens During Solar Panel Installation

Did you know there’s now enough solar capacity in the United States to power over eighteen million homes? As more people discover the potential of solar energy, we can only expect this figure to increase.

If you’re considering this clean energy source for your home, you likely have some questions about what happens during a solar panel installation. That’s why we made this article.

In it, we’ll go over the average phases that solar installers need to go through. That way, you can find out what’s in store when you call one. Let’s get started!

Site Assessment Phase

The first step is a site assessment where the installer will come out to your property. During this phase, the installer will decide what type of system fits your house best.

They’ll look for any issues that might hinder the installation, like a faulty roof or nearby trees. This is also the time when they’ll go over the solar installation cost.

This will determine the number of solar panels installed. It can take between a week to a month for an installer to come out to you, depending on how busy they are.

Permitting Phase

Once the installer has come up with a solar plan for you, it’s time to get it approved. New solar projects need to be submitted to your local government for permitting reasons.

The timeframe for approval can vary depending on where you live. However, the average time is around two to eight weeks.

Solar Panel Installation Phase

Once the project has been improved, the contractor can install solar panels. The first step is to lay down all of the solar panels. Then, once they’re in place, the installer will wire them together and connect the entire system. If the system is relatively small, the installer can usually do this in one day. However, larger systems can take up to a week.

Government Inspection Phase

Now your solar system is officially in place. But, before you can turn it on a local government official needs to inspect it. During this inspection, they’ll make sure that everything was installed by the contractor correctly.

They may also install a net meter so that excess energy you produce can be sent to the power grid. It can take around two weeks for an official to come out to you. But, once they do, you’re ready to turn your solar panels on.

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We hope this article helped you learn about what happens during a solar panel installation. As you can see, this isn’t just about installing solar panels.

It will likely take weeks or months for the whole process to be completed. So, if you’re anxious to take advantage of solar energy, you should contact an installer as soon as possible.

Can’t get enough content? If the answer is yes, then you’re just like us. That’s why we regularly release great new articles for our readers about the latest trends. So, keep exploring until you get your fill.

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