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The Real Value of an Action Camera Protector (Why You Need an Action Camera Protector)

Action Camera Protector
Image Source: HueBliss

Do you have an action camera? And you want an action camera protector? You’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we will tell you about action cameras why you need an action camera protector.

Action camera, as the name suggests, is a type of handheld or mountable camera which can come in handy when you don’t feel like recording with your expensive smartphone. 

An action camera is made and built with the intention of replacing your smartphone’s camera in rough, wet, and dusty conditions. Action cameras are used by athletes and hikers to record themselves. 

Nowadays, Even action cameras aren’t safe. We agree that they are built with tough, durable material but due to some harsh and extreme conditions, they can be damaged, especially their lens. 

This brings us to today’s topic which is action camera protectors. As we said, actions cameras tend to go through a lot, and they need to be protected in order to maintain their longevity. All this makes action camera protectors essential for action cameras. 

Before we tell you more about the action camera protector, let’s understand what an action camera is in the first place. 

What is an Action Camera?

An action camera is usually a small handheld device that is used to record your sports, hike, event, or even your travel vlogs. These can be handheld, or mountable.

Speaking of mounting the action camera, they are very useful when you want to go hands-free. They can be mounted to your bike, car, helmet, or chest depending on the outfit you’re wearing. 

In the olden days, action cameras used to record somewhat low-quality videos making them a rare breed in anyone’s hand. But today, you will see almost every tourist with an action camera recording their travel and experience. 

The primary reason behind the fame of action cameras is their improved quality. 

What is an Action Camera

Image Source: Unsplash

As we know that all of the cameras in the market have different uses. Let’s take a DSLR for example; You need a DSLR to capture high-quality images. Mirrorless cameras are used for the same exact purpose. 

Action cameras, on the other hand, come in handy when you just want to record without having to worry about carrying a bulky camera with loads of different lenses. You just want to capture your experience in the most convincing way possible and an action camera allows you to do so. 

Who Needs an Action Camera?

Almost all of us have a smartphone and all smartphones have good, if not great cameras. The reason why some people prefer to use an action camera over their phones is that phones are fragile. 

Since action cameras are not so expensive, and they are pretty suitable for recording in rough conditions, almost all athletes and travelers prefer to use them over their fragile smartphones. 

What makes action cameras comparable with high-end smartphone cameras is their amazing features. Some of these features are Image Stabilization, they can be mounted easily, they have 4k crisp video recording, and most importantly, SD card compatibility that makes their storage pretty flexible. 

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In short, action cameras go through a lot. Even though they are made with thick skins and durable material, you still have to take care of them which brings us to an action camera protector. 

Now, it’s time to learn about what an action camera protector is and why do you need one. 

Action Camera Protector

With the immense amount of dust and danger action cameras go through, you need something to protect them. An action camera protector is the best way of protecting your action camera from dust, dirt, scratches, and breakage. 

Sometimes, action cameras are used by bikers. The bikers are a wild breed. Not only do they mount the action cameras to their helmet but also mount the camera onto the bike’s silencer to get some wild shots of their journey.

When this kind of stunt is done without an action camera protector, it makes your action vulnerable to scratches and even some cases, breakage. 

Now that we know how action cameras need an action camera protector, it’s time to learn about the types of action camera protectors. 

Types of Action Camera Protector

Your action camera needs protection. But there aren’t many action camera protectors that cover all of your cameras. According to our research, there are THREE types of action camera protectors. All of these types are described below. 

Action Camera Protector Waterproof Case

Most of the action cameras are certified waterproof. But the ones that are not waterproof need a waterproof case. A waterproof case will work as an action camera protector to protect your action camera from water damage. 

Not only that, the best companies that manufacture waterproof action camera protectors claim that it will not compromise the quality of the footage which is mesmerizing. 

I mean, you need to have fun, right? We all love water and swimming so why not take your action camera with you in the water and record all the fun you underwater. 

With a waterproof action camera protector, you can dive deep into the water and take your favorite shots. You can even go deep underwater in the ocean and capture sea animals, etc

Action Camera Protector Case

This type of action camera protector protects your camera from physical damage such as scratches, dents, and breakage. Most of the action camera protector cases are made of silicone but some companies have started manufacturing carbon fiber as well. 

To further understand how an action camera protector case protects your camera, let’s assume that you drop your action camera. If there is no case installed on it, your camera will most likely break. 

In case of an action camera protector case is installed, your camera will survive. Not only will your action camera survive, but it will also be untouched. There will most likely be no scratches or dents at all. 

An action camera protector case will absorb the shock when you drop your action camera. Its rubber material is made intentionally to absorb any unwanted and dangerous vibration. 

Though it protects your action camera, it does not protect its screen and lenses which brings us to the next type of action camera protector. 

Action Camera Protector For Screen and Lens

Usually, action cameras have three types of glass on them. As all types of glass are fragile, they need to be protected. To make use of your action camera to the fullest, you need to protect its glass.

An action camera has a front screen, a back screen, and the most important part, the lens. 

Most of the cases protect your camera’s body but what they lack is the protection for screens and lenses. An action camera protector for the screen takes care of this issue. There are plenty of brands that sell action camera protectors for screens.

When it comes to the lens for your action camera, companies make tempered glass. Tempered glass is applied to the lens of the action camera to protect the lens and make sure that the video quality is not compromised. 

The other glass is made of hard material that protects the front and back screens of your action camera. Even if you drop the camera accidentally, the protective glass will break and the original screen will most likely survive. 

Other than breakage, the action camera protector for the screen also takes care of scratches on the front and back screens.

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