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Ajmera Lakeside Paradise Review

Having a place of my own is something that I always wanted, and as I’m proceeding to have my own space in Bangalore, I was excited. I have been looking for beautiful places for a good period of time, and  Recently, I came across Ajmera Lakeside Paradise, a luxurious space in Bangalore Yelahanka. Being in Bangalore for years, having my own elegant home is nothing less than a dream. Having my own home in this city was my only goal, and as I have enough savings now, it was high time to invest in a property and settle down. 

The place was located Near Clarion by Choice Hotels, Kenchanahalli Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore. The area was big, around 10.2 acres, and had 522 units. The place offered 1,2 and 3 BHK rooms, which were pretty beautiful. I had my mind on the site, and I was planning to customize my home as it was in the construction process. 

The place Yelahanka where I wanted my house to be. The spot is close to my office, and it will be easy to travel from here. When I first looked at this place, I was happy to have a place in an elegant space like this, and the investment here was affordable, too. The Investment was ₹74 Lacs onwards, and the EMI starts from ₹55.17 K / Month, which was a reliable option for many. 

Making this my ultimate spot, I wanted to have a place here and the amenities offered here were just top-notch, and I was ready to invest in here and get my home quickly. When investing, I’ve always taken suggestions from my friends and family, and for this one, I called up my friend to get his review on this place as he’s a real estate person; he approved the site and said it’s beneficial to invest in this place as Ajmera Group builds it.

Why I Invested In Ajmera Lakeside Paradise?

1. Price And Value 

One of the main reasons I was investing in this place was the investment price. Starting up from 72 lakhs and onwards was a good deal for a business in Bangalore, and as this place was close to my office, I had to book a place where I could settle down. The value I was getting was unbelievable. The place was pretty huge, with modern amenities and services. There was lush greenery around, and with fresh air, I also had good connectivity. 

2. 105 Acre Views of Attur Lake

The second best thing about this place was its surroundings.  The space was impressive, and we could easily view the attur Lake from this spot. There’s a Grand Club House With 30+ Amenities at 

Ajmera Lakeside Paradise in Yelahanka. This place has everything I wanted, and a beautiful view like this will brighten my day. 

3. Proximity To My Office 

When looking for a home, my only concern was to choose a place close to my office and. I tried different places but didn’t get what I was looking for, and now that I have Ajmera Lakeside Paradise, I don’t need to worry about other sites. Being close to my office will only help me work on my side hustle and save time. 

4. Built By Ajmera Group 

The project covers a total land of 10 acres, and there are three buildings. The place has its beauty, and the view of Attur Lake contributes 

Makes the experience more captivating for anyone who wants to live here. All the flats here are Luxurious and premium, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made regarding investment. Ajmera Group is a renowned builder known for its high-quality projects. 

5. Amenities At Ajmera Lakeside Paradise

Investing in this place was one of my biggest investments, and there was a significant value in the money I was getting. First, we have a full-fledged Gym here, which was my most essential element. I love fitness, and having a Gym here was the only thing I was looking for when it comes to amenities. There was a dedicated Party space for people who love to party. Lift accessible to all rooms on the building, CCTV camera, and security to avoid uncertainty. There’s a Tennis and a Basketball court for people who like to play these games. 

The second most important thing I was looking at this place was a library. As an avid reader, I wanted this place to have a library, and guess what? We have a beautiful library. There’s proper space for kids as they have a Children’s play area.  The place is Vastu compliant and has a luxurious Clubhouse where people can enjoy their time. There is a swimming pool for people who love swimming and an Aerobics room. 

When looking for properties online, no broker-verified property listings came as a savior. If you’re looking for properties in Bangalore, yelahanka, check


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