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All That You Should Know about

All That You Should Know about
All That You Should Know about was a scam. It is entirely related to tech support in many ways. The scammers are quite clever and they have come with a way that most people won’t recognize that they are being cheated until it’s too late. With the help of better communication skills and an interactive website, scammers persuade PC users to give remote access to their PCs. Once the cunning people at fastsupport get remote access of a PC, they can do whatever they want. People identify most scammers at the beginning by looking at the behavior of the website. Almost every website of that category starts giving you prompts about the virus in your PC or something like that and people get to know that the website is not legitimate.

But in the case fastsupport, people won’t know about it in the beginning. This is because the website functions in a quite normal way and it is safe to use. It is this normal behavior that cheats a lot of users from different parts of the world. Before we get ahead of ourselves, we recommend you avoid giving remote access to your PC to anyone tech support service in any situation. You need to be extra aware of this situation as cybercriminals are abusing the services of fastsupport on a large scale.

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How does it work?

Most users go to in order to get solve a problem that they have faced with another website. Suppose you are visiting a website and you got an alert about a virus or something like that. And then, people rush to the website of fastsupport to get a solution. Meanwhile, cybercriminals are sitting there to trick you into giving remote access. After you visit the website of fastsupport, they will ask you to open a browser and search for specific terms like establish a remote connection with PC or Windows, etc. The search term is such that you will get a specific remote access software on the top.

After that, the scammers will ask you to open the Windows Event Viewer and see the list of applications that have crashed while running on your PC. Several users believe that they are really in trouble and start following the instructions given by the people at fastsupport. One important thing that you should know is you can always see that list of crashed applications in Event viewer, which is quite a normal thing. There is nothing to worry about it and you should never seek a solution to this issue.

Normally, any scam involves two steps. At first, the scammers ask the victims to pay some money for the services that they call as the solution to a non-existent problem. Most users pay the specified amount of money to the scammers. Such people are cheated right in the beginning. While there are others who start with the process but refuse to pay the money. At this time, the scammers would install some malicious software on the PC of the victims.

Some tips on avoiding such fraudsters

This section of the article is going to teach you something about the ways for avoiding such fraud calls. Keep this one thing in your mind and you will not get into such trouble. Whenever you get some call saying that it is from Apple or Microsoft and they are saying that your PC is at risk, you should never follow the instructions. Just after disconnecting the call, you should report this call to the legitimate government department.

Several people wonder about how the scammers manage to get the phone number of people. In this world of social media where a large number of people fill in their contact information on several advertisements. So, it becomes quite hard not to expose your contact details to scammers. All the scammers get your contact information from such websites. Once they have got the contact details, they start calling a large number of people one by one, and several people get cheated due to this.

The majority of such calls are originated in India. The police try to shut down all these services but some scammers keep on reappearing over time. People from different parts of the world report that most fraudsters have Indian accents. Make sure you have installed good anti-virus software that can block fake advertisements.

Some ways to help you remove the malware related to fastsupport

Now that you know all the fundamentals of fastsupport, it is time to help you get rid of it. There may be several people who installed this software by mistake. Here are some simple steps that would let you uninstall the software from your PC if you are running Windows 10 on your PC.

  • Open the Start menu and click on the Power button.
  • Now, you have to press and hold the shift button and then click on the Restart button.
  • A new screen will open on the screen. Click on Troubleshoot option and then on Advanced Options.
  • After that, click on Startup Settings and then click on the option named “See More Recovery Options”.
  • When you have got to the Startup Settings and press keys lying between F1 to F9. One of those keys most have worked for you. (the right key varies based on the manufacturer of the PC)
  • After completing all the steps mentioned above, you will be able to start your PC in Safe Mode with Networking.

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