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Alternatives to Fiverr and People per hour

Alternatives to Fiverr

Realizing the benefits of working from home, a growing number of people are turning to freelance employment. It is not difficult to understand why, as it has much to offer. You are your own boss, you set your own hours and days, you can take vacations whenever you want, and you don’t have far to commute.

On the other hand, establishing oneself as a freelancer is not simple. First and foremost, you must acquire employment. So, how does one go about seeking employment? There are websites you may join that can connect you with folks who have available employment. In fact, there are so many sites available that picking one to join may be difficult and overwhelming.

Virtually all freelance employment sites are fee-based. Generally, joining a site is free, while some sites may offer premium accounts with additional perks.

After you complete your task and get paid through the site’s system, the site will often deduct a portion of your earnings. We’re going to help you get started since we’ve selected some of the highest-paying jobs.


Techlancer is a relatively new freelance employment website that is revolutionising the business. Due to its network of exceptionally competent UK-native freelancers, it is swiftly becoming one of the best Fiverr alternatives. Techlancer also boasts some of the lowest rates in the industry. With only a 2.5% cost for vendors and a 5% fee for purchasers.

Techlancer’s facilitation of communication between freelancers and clients is one of its chief advantages over competing platforms. It also offers a chat feature that freelancers may use to provide custom quotations for certain assignments. To utilise the service, freelancers must undergo a rigorous screening procedure, and every work is rigorously moderated to ensure everyone’s safety.

Techlancer also boasts the lowest price structure of any freelance work board, charging freelancers only 5 percent.


YunoJuno is second on our list of freelancers in the United Kingdom. The website promises that its premium network connects the greatest freelancers with the top corporations.

How it operates:

Freelancers can sign up with YunoJuno for free, and the first step is to complete a profile. This is your opportunity to display your expertise and distinguish yourself from the competition.

There are a variety of skill sets to pick from, including marketing, film and motion, designer, creative, and photography.

Continue filling out the profile by including connections to a personal website, social media, an attention-grabbing introduction, your employment history, and company information. After completing these steps, you may review the project briefs (jobs) and apply for them.

You work on the project utilising a timesheet system that is approved by the customer upon completion of the task. YunoJuno then sends the client your invoice, and payment is made within 14 days.

Aspects to consider:

Payments are expedited and clients are not billed;

Real-time assistance from actual persons; direct connection with prospective employers

NDAs are handled within the platform;

The platform is always being upgraded.

What is it priced at?

There is no fee associated with creating an account on YunoJuno. We have placed the freelance employment site in first rank since it does not take a share of your profits.

The money you make from your efforts on the project is yours to keep. Instead, YunoJuno’s charge is added to the invoice, and the client pays it in addition to yours.


Upwork is one of the largest and most popular freelancing job platforms around. This implies that you will have access to a vast variety of freelance employment in several sectors. You will have to compete with millions of other registered users.

How it operates:

Creating an Upwork account is free. As with the majority of freelance websites, you will need to create a profile outlining your skill set, prior work, websites, etc.

To work on Upwork, you must submit evidence of your identity. This implies you must upload a government-issued photo ID. Along with your name, date of birth, address, and signature, the ID must have an image of you.

After uploading your ID, you must then participate in a video call.

After completing the authentication procedure, you may use the site to look for employment in your region. The website offers a vast array of topics, such as web development, writing, video and film, drawing, accounting, information technology, and sales, among others.

You may use the search function to find employment in your field or configure the system to display just jobs in your field. There are often tens of thousands of available positions. You may even limit your employment search to solely British employers.

When applying for a position, you submit a quote or bid. Not always is the lowest bid the winner. Make yourself stand out by explaining why the customer should select you, and then wait to see if your bid is accepted.

If selected, you will complete the job and mark it as complete before the buyer reviews it and deposits the agreed-upon amount into your Upwork account.

Aspects to consider:

You have access to countless work opportunities;

There is an escrow system in place so that you know the money for the task will be there when you’re done.

You may simply locate employment in your industry using the site’s effective search function.

You may restrict your job search to the United Kingdom.

Competition is intense.

What is it priced at?

The high cost of having access to tens of thousands of jobs is a disadvantage.

When you apply for a task, you will input the amount you wish to earn and see how much you will really receive after Upwork’s charge. The cost for freelancers is 20% up to the first $500 generated, after which it reduces to 10%.

Another disadvantage is that payment is done in US dollars, not British pounds. Therefore, before bidding, you must consider the currency conversion to ensure that you are not short-changed.

People Per Hour:

People Per Hour is another well-known freelance employment site that caters to UK residents. The website provides opportunities for a broad variety of abilities, including writing, editing, 3D modelling, translation, and many more.

How it operates:

To become a freelancer on People Per Hour, you must submit an application form and wait for it to be reviewed and either approved or denied. If your application is accepted, you will have access to a vast number of global clients.

Start by completing your profile and introducing yourself to prospective clients by providing a quick introduction, defining your abilities and expertise, and uploading your portfolio.

The AI algorithm compares your profile with available positions, so always be truthful. You may also look for employment and receive updates on new initiatives.

When you locate a job, you send a proposal explaining why the customer should select you. If selected, your fee is held in escrow until the task is complete, at which point it is sent to your site account.

Freelancers may also make customised offers and submit them on this website. As an example, if you are a writer, you might offer to create social media articles or blog entries for a certain fee. This manner, someone interested for this sort of employment can purchase your offer without your involvement.

Aspects to consider:

Excellent for independent workers in the UK

A computer algorithm links you to jobs

Be alerted when new positions become available.

15 free job applications with the option to buy more

The capacity to offer work for a set fee.

What is it priced at?

People Every Hour’s basic account is free to register and includes 15 free suggestions per month. In other words, 15 job applications may be submitted every month. To bid on further jobs, you must acquire extra credits.

The payment is provided in GBP upon successful completion, therefore you do not need to worry about currency conversion while working in the United Kingdom.

People Per Hour deducts a charge prior to depositing earnings into your online account; this cost is up to 20% +VAT of the amount earned, so don’t be surprised if you’ve made less than you anticipated!

UPDATE: People per hour now has a 14-day clearance time before payments can be withdrawn!

Freelancer Freelancer is another popular alternative for freelancers hosting a wide variety of tasks in industries like IT, software, writing, data entry, sales, and many others.

How it operates:

You may join Freelancer for free with a basic account, but to apply for more than eight tasks per month, a premium account is required. The monthly premium account fee is $5.95. For this fee, you may submit 100 job applications every month and receive other perks.

After filling up your profile, including particular abilities, you must add a VAT number and submit information to generate a trust score. This involves confirming a credit or debit card and a phone number.

While you may opt to have your finances displayed in GBP, the jobs you apply for are displayed in USD, so you must account for currency conversion.

On your dashboard page, you may explore jobs that match your talents or search for specific positions depending on their hourly or fixed rates.

When you locate a job, you market your expertise to the buyer and submit a bid with a delivery date for the project. You also provide an escrow amount (deposit) for the website to retain in order to guarantee payment. If you do not request this amount and the buyer decides not to pay you, Freelancer will not compensate you.

When the task is finished, you designate it as complete and the escrow funds are sent into your Freelancer account, less a charge.

Aspects to consider:

Free account is restricted to 8 job applications per month; to maximise the service, a monthly fee of £5.95 is required; a large variety of industries are covered.

The bids are set in USD, which is not suitable for British freelancers.

What is it priced at?

You may sign up for a free, restricted account, but you must pay £5.95 per month for full access.

Consider this a finder’s fee, and it is 10 percent of your earnings for each project you complete.


Fiverr is an excellent location for novices to freelance websites to begin, but you should not expect to make a fortune there. The costs are quite pricey compared to other sites, but it may be a good place to start if you are simply searching for part-time job or as a supplement to one of the other sites.

How it operates:

Fiverr is one of the simplest methods to begin a freelance career. Simply create an account and advertise your services.

The website differs in that it does not provide employment opportunities. Instead, you are the one offering to labour, and individuals seeking your skills are the ones who purchase. To get started, you must create a brief profile that describes who you are and why potential clients should hire you.

You then upload what the website refers to as a “Gig.” The term derives from the fact that you agree to do a task within a specified timeframe for $5. However, you are not restricted to a fiver; you may offer a variety of products. For example, you may offer to write 500 words in one week for $5, but you could also offer to write the same piece in one day for $10. Additional add-ons, such as revisions, keywords, and diagrams, are available for an additional fee.

You publish the task and then wait for a potential client to purchase it.

The funds are deposited into your Fiverr account, from which you can then withdraw them.

Aspects to consider:

You may customise your gigs and add extras; the costs are expensive.

What is it priced at?

The costs on Fiverr are 20%, which is high in comparison to other freelance websites. You must also take into consideration that the currency is United States Dollars, so if you work in the United Kingdom, there will be currency exchange costs, and if you have a business account or a PayPal account, there may be conversion expenses.

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