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An anonymous bitcoin wallet guide? Pretty much yes!

Bitcoin Wallets
Bitcoin Wallets

We know there are many ways in which we can make bitcoins anonymous, but there are not many that provide real anonymity. If you’re someone who is looking for the same. You’ve arrived at the right place.  Let’s take an instance, for better understanding, most of the anonymous bitcoin wallets we know of, that are integrated with CoinJoin, but little do people understand, that they are still in development and we do not suggest it for real private routine use. It’s known to most of the oldies of bitcoin traders, that when it comes to actual privacy, the best thing to rely on is Dark Web Wallets. Dark Web Wallets provide several sites on which one can easily sign up for a wallet.  They also have integrated mixers, which makes them even easier to use than the usual mixers. This is one good reason to use this integrated mixer as most of the ordinary are associated with some .com domain, which makes it easy for someone to trace you and then boom! You’re not anonymous anymore and easily traceable. I’m hoping no one would want that, right? We are listing out a few anonymous bitcoin wallets on the dark web, for you to explore and take advantage of.  Please note that to browse the sites you will be requiring a Tor browser from

  1. Dark Mixer Dark Web Wallet
  2. Onion Wallet
  3. MixABit Bitcoin Wallet
  1. Dark Mixer Dark Web Wallet: This has an in-built bitcoin cleaner like other dark web wallets. You wouldn’t need to do much, just create an account and log in. The only thing you might find as an issue is that you can access this only from a Tor browser from After you’re done login in, you can add some bitcoins and when you need to spend Bitcoins, you can spend them anonymously and safely.
  2. Onion Wallet:  It has been in existence since 2012 and can be considered the oldest dark web wallet, if you may say. You’d be required to access this via Tor browser .onion dark web domain. Onion wallet also functions like other dark web wallets, it can process large amounts of bitcoin, without leaving a trace from your private and original bitcoin address.
  3. MixABit Bitcoin Wallet: Just like the above-mentioned dark web wallets in this blog, MixABit too has an in-built bitcoin cleaner. Like any other wallet, the first step would be to create an account and then log in to your account. From your MixABit wallet, you can then send bitcoins to the address shown on the wallet page. When it comes to spending Bitcoins anonymously, you can spend it from MixABit wallet. That way, you can remain anonymous with complete privacy and security of your bitcoin. So, these are a few dark web bitcoin wallets, that will help you to protect your privacy and let you trade and transact anonymously, without leaving a trace of personal/private address.

A Tip: Use only those bitcoin mixers that offer you full wallet functionality. Or else they’d just take your bitcoin transaction and claim only to give you unlinked bitcoins, and that would make you very easy to trace. So, stay safe while you trade the riskiest currency in the era!

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