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Artificial Intelligence

Are Chatbots the Future of Customer Service


Digital Business Modeling has introduced software disruptions into traditional companies with rather medieval cultures. The variations include the incorporation of telecommunications, like weChat for effective communication, digital marketing; outdating the conventional marketing concept, e-commerce, and whatnot. 

In this article, we will compare how and if Artificial Intelligence or Robots are capable of handling customer services. This is an interesting topic and we all have been reading and hearing great developments in this sector for the past decade. The customer service department and their promptness in resolving the issues are some of the main concerns for most of us while signing up for almost anything.  

Modern businesses have unique advantages, thanks to AI, as this helps them garner their business with quick response time (or FRT – first response time). Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world indeed, as these AI interfaces can handle digital customer service; they are capable of answering several fresh prospects as well as current customers in parallel. The quality of comprehension is weaker as compared to humans (due to the inability of processing emotional signals) but the quality of answers is consistent in terms of grammar and spelling. 

They have the potential to prequalify customers with the IVR, which saves time and to be honest, voice-assisted intelligence bots are the future. When virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri can be used in the connected car technology then why not the customer service. The rollout of 5G technology is a great step towards the better incorporation of AI in our lives.

Despite AI-powered chatbots, it is wise to consider a little bit of human touch too so you can overcome unnatural universal responses to callers. Chatbots win clients because of their 24/7-response time. These AI-powered chatbots are also prone to cybersecurity threats as crafty hackers are actively looking to invade your privacy so they can reach your digital wallet. Unfortunately, with such incidences on the rise, businesses not only lose money but their valuable customers as well. 

Apart from this, customers are sensitive to bots or AI interactivity because of their inability to comprehend or perceive human emotions effectively. Even though they can get on nuances of language and articulation, they are not prepared to get on notions. This can disappoint clients, induce annoyance and earn the brand an awful review or label it under a useless name.  

That is the reason why that friendly and empathetic customer support dealing with the agitated customer can work wonders even during a worst-case scenario. Most of the interactions with the customer service departments are related to queries about the product or services, concerns about the future, additional or unknown charges on the bill, sometimes sales or technical customer service department to help a user deal with the issues promptly. Telecommunication service providers in the US have equipped their customer service departments well with knowledge, expertise, and solution-oriented notions including CenturyLink customer service, which offers instant help and has always been incredibly responsive whenever needed. 

The equilibrium: Human and AI

Here are a few important considerations that an organization must keep in mind before going all-in for AI: 

• Understand the unique capabilities of AI and the human

• Let humans cater to emotional requests.

• Test bots in a live environment.

• Monitor constantly.

AI technology in Chatbots allows you to book a doctor online, where a potential patient transfers money via bank or any suitable app, and voila, you are all set. Business-wise, the global chatbots market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.3% or $1.25B by 2025 (Grand View Research). It is particularly useful given the COVID-19 outbreak – as doctors will be able to monitor ongoing health concerns remotely. 

These devices are also used to gain the trust of patients, such as when you can schedule a doctor’s appointment in advance without having to step outside of your home is bound to instill a positive sentiment towards this technology. 

Wrapping up thoughts

Client-driven organizations are making the most out of it without utilizing human and high-budgeted assets. It encourages independent ventures to develop with lesser expenditure thus making the execution more achievable, supporting greater development. In this decisive race of chatbots vs humans, it is hard to claim who wins but AI-centric bots lead the race (especially with their self-service tactic). The only hindrance is the lack of emotions and impending cybersecurity threats.

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