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Are hoverboards worth buying?

Are hoverboards worth buying?

From old times to today’s modern time everyone likes two-wheeled personal transporter from bicycles to modern two-wheeled hoverboards. As matter of fact, everyone wants reviews before buying any stuff. Same in the case of hoverboard, click here to read Hover 1 ultra reviews, you will be cleared whether make this purchase or not.

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A hoverboard is a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter that is being used as personal transporter and its two wheels are connected to pads on which the rider stands. By leaning forwards or backward the rider can control the speed and twisting the pads for changing the directing of the hoverboard.

Top 6 things you should know while buying a hoverboard

1 Certification by UL or UL certification

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is a company that provides safety certification. UL insect products, facilities, and processes on industry-wide standards. After inspection, they provide a certificate.

While buying a hoverboard check (UL) certification. Because riding at the speed of 10 miles per hour onboard which has charged lithium-ion battery can be risky. For these reasons, hoverboards are prohibited for children.

2 Charging timing

Hoverboards take a good amount of time to get fully charged. They almost take 3 hours for a full charge.

3 Hoverboard Types

Hoverboards have hundreds of models, which sometimes quite confusing for a buyer to which one to choose from. Remember same basic concept is used for all hoverboards. You just have to compare few important things such as speed, internal motor, and battery power. Because these factors have a massive impact on the functionality of hoverboards.

4 Range

How far a hoverboard can go with a full charge. It has been seen that a hoverboard on a full charge can go 3 to 7 miles. Always check the battery life before riding on a hoverboard.

5 Rider’s weight 

Weight has a direct impact on the battery because if the rider is heavy, due to the rider’s heavyweight hoverboard will push itself to limits which directly drains out the battery.

6 Price 

Like everything hoverboards also come in different price rates. You can buy a hoverboard for $150 or below but many features will be missing in it and also you may well have to compromise on build material as well. A hoverboard with multiple features and with good build material may cost around $200 to $400.


Which company’s hoverboards are good in overall performance?

Here are some top hoverboard-making companies.

  • Gotrax Hoverfly ECO
  • Segway Ninebot
  • Gotrax SRX pro
  • Halo Rover X
  • Hover 1
  • Swagtron T6

No doubt in that hoverboard is a fun object, there are a lot of chances if you buy the hoverboard for your children you also may get attracted to it, and you resolve some time out to ride on this two wheeled electronic transporter.


Hoverboards are widely used as personal two-wheeled electronic transporter and it is very fun and joyful to ride on a hoverboard but it is not for young children. Because of its lithium-ion battery which may cause any harm. With precaution enjoy hoverboard. I hope you like this read if so and then share this write-up.

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