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Benefits of Math: Surprising Ways it Helps Kids

Math is fun 
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Fundamental math concepts can be used by everyone, even kids, every day, especially those seeking AMC 10 classes to propel their learning. Children can start reaping the benefits of learning math at an early age. It teaches them how to recognize and understand numbers and use numbers in their daily lives by performing simple operations. Thanks to math, children can easily understand sentences like, “Bring me three apples” or “Your allowance has been doubled.”

However, mathematics goes deeper than just operations. Exploring the depths of math can help children even if they don’t go on to become mathematicians.

1.Math improves problem-solving skills.

Problem-solving is one of the most impactful benefits of practicing and learning math. Math teaches children a systematic way of arriving at solutions to problems through reasoning.

This means children can look at unfamiliar situations, analyze them, and arrive at the next logical step, allowing children to develop a mindset that helps them figure out a sequence of steps to solve any problem. This is not to say that children can solve every problem they encounter through mathematical thinking, but it can definitely steer them in the right direction.

As your children practice mathematics, they become more observant of how they solve problems. This, along with practice and guidance, enables them to learn how to communicate the solution to others. ​​Being able to explain how a problem can be solved takes critical reasoning. Children can take it up a notch and use their creativity to figure out different ways to solve the same problem. For example, if your child is trying to build a replica of your house out of blocks, they might use logic to arrange the pieces in ways that make sense to help them reach their desired outcome.

2. Math strengthens the brain.

When we want to strengthen the body, we hit the gym, grab the weights, and start exercising. To strengthen our brains, we need to engage in mental exercises. Math is an excellent exercise for stimulating the brain since it involves a lot of thinking and reasoning.

Like most things that are done repeatedly, when your child keeps practicing math, they eventually understand the process and arrive at solutions more easily. For instance, when we first learned addition and subtraction, we needed to use our fingers or an abacus to help us work with numbers. Over time, we become more adept at performing basic calculations in our heads. This is because constantly engaging in thinking strengthens neural pathways, allowing us to recognize and memorize patterns much more quickly.

3. Math can be good for mental health.

By encouraging children to solve math problems in their heads, you can teach them social and emotional learning.

“There’s a deep connection between persistence and math,” she says. “Being able to encourage that persistence is where those social and emotional learning skills come in,” explains Jessica Young, developmental psychologist and mathematics researcher.

Math is fun

Most everyone can admit that getting things right brings a great deal of joy. And the more challenging the situation is, the greater the satisfaction once it’s completed successfully. As children challenge themselves and succeed with math, they will increasingly see mathematics as something to enjoy. However, parents and teachers must understand that not everyone learns the same way, and therefore it’s important to teach math in engaging ways that utilize different learning approaches and multiple ways of solving problems.

Math may encourage your child to ask questions.

Sometimes children are afraid to ask questions for fear of embarrassment. With the right encouragement and feedback from the adults in their life, they will begin to see that asking questions about problem-solving and mathematical applications has many benefits and can be positive and fun. The hope is that this thirst for knowledge will filter into other subjects and areas of their lives.

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