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Benefits of Organizational Upskilling with the help of Online Proctoring

With the COVID outbreak in 2020, the global labor market showed a sudden increase in the number of workers planning to leave their jobs because of payout after deduction. Future Forum Survey showed that nearly 55 percent of employees in Japan and Germany and 53 percent of employees are searching for new jobs in 2022. Moreover, according to the insights by the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that nearly 4.4 million workers quit their jobs in February and March 2022. While the Australian workers who switched their jobs from one to another reason got an appraisal of nearly 8 to 10 percent in January 2022.

With the rapid increase in the reassessed job option with the developing global economy, employees and workers are glancing at the ventures and organization that consists of employee-dominating policies and initiatives. From flexible working opportunities to equity, assortment, and comprehensive programs. Moreover, employees are searching for job opportunities so they will be able to work in their skills are the dominating factor that active job seekers are eagerly searching for. Also by working on their skills, it can increase the chances of the employees remaining in an organization or not. A U.S. Survey stated that less than 65 percent of the employees don’t have a bachelor’s degree and 50 percent of the employees are thinking of indulging in any additional educational degree to increase the chances of getting a better job role.

Use of an Online Proctoring Tool to Support Upskilling

Numerous methods can help employees to learn crucial skills in their workforce including certification courses, professional certification schemes, and training sessions. Organizations and companies with upskilling and reskilling schemes are dependent on the proctored exam and assessment to test whether an employee is fit for a particular job role or to discover the educational qualification of any candidate. With the rapid increase in hybrid and remote working cultures, online and remote proctoring and learning can be useful that can ensure that employees have approachable and flexible options to improve their skills for the companies. 

For organizations and companies that offer reskilling and upskilling of their employees to promote their roles and their wages, it is crucial to ensure that the employee is regularly working on their skills and that is possible through safe and secure high-stake examinations. With the lack of online methods that can ensure that the employee is not using any cheat sheets, books, or the help of search engines to score in assessment. This depreciates the reskilling system and can lead to employees having certification without any knowledge of the skills which is the key requirement of the company.

Organizations can ensure that employees do not indulge in any unfair activity during an online remote proctoring assessment test by collaborating with proctoring software providers. Moreover, these services can benefit the organizations in terms of accessibility and flexibility and ensure the maintenance of the policy of any organization. Depending upon the requirements of any organization they can use live or video proctoring during an online assessment test. Modern tools allow hosts to record the complete session of an online assessment test to review the session. To provide solutions during an online assessment test live proctoring is used to interact with the candidates in real-time.

Benefits of Online Proctoring 

For Candidates

  • Candidates and exam takers get the benefits of choosing the exam center or opting in to give the proctored exam from their homes. The reason behind this is these assessment tests are conducted on a day-to-day basis but can offer an exam window for a certain time in which any candidate may take the assessment test. Moreover, a candidate can choose a time according to his/her needs.
  • Candidates have the option to choose any exam center with flexible hours to avoid holidays from their work to travel to a particular test center.
  • Also, candidates get the benefit of appearing for the exam from their offices, home, or internet cafes which are more comfortable than sitting in an assessment center. Online remote proctoring also offers a quiet and safe environment that boosts the confidence of a candidate.
  • There is an additional advantage of privacy during the assessment test. Many candidates prefer not to go to a particular test center, rather they sit for the assessment from their offices

For Organizations

  • Online proctoring software allows companies and organizations to eradicate the need for a human proctor during an assessment test in a center which removes a wide administrative burden. This is completely true during an assessment center in remote locations around the globe.
  • Moreover, these assessment tests can be run continuously, rather than avoid the conduction of all assessments during a single day. Online assessment tests can run anytime without the use of proctors. 
  • Online proctoring increases the opportunities for an organization as it can attract some highly talented employees from a far away distance without any geographical barrier. 
  • Also online proctoring boosts the chances of better security which decreases the chances of any unfair means. This method also enables impersonification as it does automatic verification using tools like facial recognition in a live video proctoring with the help of a webcam. 
  • It allows the examining body to view the recording at any point if any warning issues are raised during an online proctored exam to ensure a safe and secure environment. 
  • Also, it reduces the pressure a candidate faces in an examination hall. Nowadays, remote proctoring has become so popular that it is now in use to conduct assessment tests for faculties. 

The demand for Online Proctoring / Remote Invigilation to boost the growth of organizations:

  1. It helps in maintaining the integrity of an organization’s assessment test
  2. It prevents cheating during an online assessment test.
  3. Organizations offer alternative centers or remote proctoring to avoid traveling time.
  4. Moreover, it reduces pressure on assessment centers during a busy day.
  5. Avoids the challenges faced by the organizations to search test centers in remote locations.

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