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Best apps for travel in the vacation of 2022

Best app for travel
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The 2022 holidays are here and you need to know 6 great app options to make organizing your trip much easier and more practical. Be sure to check it out.

Planning a trip may not be an easy task, but thankfully there are ways to enjoy your stay in an unfamiliar place without needing a tour guide showing where to go. All you need is a smartphone for that and also good internet service, such as Centurylink internet.

There are travel apps of all kinds in the Android and iOS app stores. They can help from choosing the destination to booking hotels, car rentals, and defining the itinerary. Most of them allow you to compare prices, still guaranteeing good savings.

1. Kayak

Kayak is a free air ticket search app that allows users to find flights with the best prices on their Android phones. For this, the tool searches for the portal of the main national and international airlines.

It is also possible to apply filters for connections, time, flight duration, lines, and airports. That way, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in just a few taps.

KAYAK’s interface is very simple and functional. The user can quickly get to the function he wants. Just a few taps to finish any action. In the first window, we find the functions for searching flights, hotels, price alerts, flight trackers, travel organizers, Buzz, etc.

The windows of all KAYAK functions follow the same line, with a clean and practical look. This allows the first-time user to be able to easily use the application. When viewing hotels, the window is beautiful with photos of the location, map, and prices.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps, an application available for Android and iPhone (iOS), is one of the most popular when it comes to GPS navigation. The service’s functionalities are diverse and go far beyond the classic indication of routes, offering unusual features that can simplify the user’s life.

The app started to show information about the capacity of buses, trains, and subways — in addition to informing about departure times for public transport. The function helps users to schedule their trips and save time.

Another little-known function of Google Maps is the one in which the app tells the user the waiting time for commercial establishments, such as bars and restaurants.

Google-Maps for travel

In addition to consulting the route to reach the desired locations, it is possible to check the peak hours of each service and other relevant information, such as the opinion of other consumers regarding the service and the existence of a parking space.

In it, it is possible to consult the departure time of buses from their stopping points, delay estimates, changes in the route, and the visualization of the traffic in real-time.

When looking for the address of a bar or restaurant on Google Maps, it is possible to view a range of information about the establishment, in addition to the route. One of them is the waiting time to enjoy the services of the place.

The function is particularly useful for those who want to look for a nearby place to have lunch during working hours, as it is possible to save time just by viewing the information available in the application.

In addition to allowing you to view details about theater sessions, movies in theaters, and showtimes, Google Maps also makes it easy to buy tickets online for the desired movie. The functionality is only available for the latest versions of the application.

Users can also use Google Maps to search for places with good ratings on the platform. The function serves as a recommendation of which restaurants, bars, parks, and other places you should go.

With it, it is possible to discover the best establishments in the region and consult the opinion of other consumers about the structure of the place, service, possible problems, and other characteristics of the environment.

Google Maps can be used to indicate some options for establishments in the region. For this recommendation to be even more directed to the user’s lifestyle and preferences, it is possible to customize the service so that it only indicates what interests him.

Customization can be done for restaurants, cafes, bars, and attractions.

3. TripAdvisor

Founded in 2000, it is a travel site that provides information and opinions on content related to tourism. Through the platform, travelers find several resources for planning trips.

It was an early adopter of user-generated content ー reviews or customer reviews of establishments and attractions.

Tripadvisor works like this: companies advertise their location on the site and users rate their experience. In this way, customers benefit by making a better purchase choice, and establishments are promoted by recommendations.

In the company’s words, “Tripadvisor offers the wisdom of other travelers to help people decide where to stay, which flight to take, what to do and where to eat”.

The platform is available in 49 markets. Together they form the largest travel community in the world, with 456 million unique monthly visitors.

With TripAdvisor, you can find hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions from all over the world. It also comes with reviews and tips from other tourists. To find out which are the best locations, users can sort search results by the most highly rated.

4. is a booking app available for Android and iPhone (iOS) that offers accommodation and car rental options. According to the platform, there are more than 1.5 million accommodations, including hotels, inns, apartments, B&Bs, and vacation rentals.

When searching for a new inn, you can apply filters that can help you find the type of accommodation you want.

The app allows you to target results based on your budget, the number of stars and reviews, distance from your current location, facilities, meals included, and room amenities, for example. also has a map with accommodation near you. On the app’s homepage, you can also check forums and groups to post travel tips and interact with other publications.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is a lodging rental platform that allows anyone to provide or book accommodation around the world. Its great differential is to offer alternatives to traditional accommodation, including houses and apartments in residential neighborhoods in over 190 countries.

Depending on the city, the time of rental, and the option chosen, it can be much cheaper than a hotel.

Airbnb also offers differentiated experiences, such as stays in castles, boats, trailers, mountain cabins, barns, and even a treehouse, in addition to special editions.

Airbnb works like this: you search for the stay in the city and period you want, being able to filter the results based on the type of accommodation (house, apartment, room) and various other requirements, such as capacity, reviews from other guests, location, if you allow whether or not pets, whether there is parking, among others.

By involving hosts (who provide accommodations) and tenants, leaving the standard hotel x guest relationship that we are used to, Airbnb has specific rules that aim to guarantee the safety of all parties, minimizing possible problems and frustrations for users.

The platform has, for example, its evaluation system and a customer service system. And a host can, for example, reject your request for hosting, without giving further explanations.

6. Moovit

Moovit is an app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone specially designed for those who use public transport. In it, you can trace the route to your destination, based on real-time information.

With this, you will monitor live the route that the bus, train, or subway is taking, preventing you from staying at the stop for a long time.

Moovit’s interface is not very different from Google Maps or a GPS app. The first thing to do is let it find your location and then set a destination. It will offer some routes and the estimated time of arrival. Just click on one of them to get the necessary information.

It is possible to make a travel plan, mixing the types of public transport available to reach the destination faster. As it offers user reports of how the line conditions are at the moment, you will be able to have a concrete view of how long it will take.

Based on your planning, it is possible to view the estimated time for your arrival, with live information during the journey.

Another feature available in the navigation that allows you to follow the step by step, either by car or on foot, to reach the destination. You can share your route and view other application users and even chat with them.

Moovit offers an alert feature that will tell you the exact point where to get off the bus. If you don’t know where to go, just access the map to see nearby stations, transport departure times, and general information.

The bus maps presented in Moovit provide updated data in real-time.


Have you planned your trip for the 2022 vacation? These application options are essential for setting up an itinerary and having assistance in the cities to be visited regarding restaurants, transport, and accommodation.

Also, search for top internet providers to ensure good mobile internet service during your trip and avoid headaches.

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