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Best Diesel Engines for Heavy Vehicles

But what powers up these mammoth machines?  - Diesel Engines. Diesel engines power up every giant operation in agriculture, marine, highways, and construction sites.

The power that drives the world

Every single product that you see around yourself today wasn’t always there, it has been brought to you. Not to you exactly, to the stores you go, to the malls you shop from and to the showrooms that charm you. But how do these products get there? The simple answer is – Heavy Vehicles. 

Our rising demand for a variety of products is fulfilled through appropriate transportation by heavy vehicles. These vehicles carry tons of raw materials and finished products that suit different industries. But what powers up these mammoth machines?  – Diesel Engines. Diesel engines power up every giant operation in agriculture, marine, highways, and construction sites. Their rising popularity is reasoned to their durability and performance. 

In this blog, we will dive into the reasons why diesel engines are the best for heavy machines. While we are on the topic we will also give you some insights on different engines equipped by different industries.

Drive the power

Diesel engines are the heart of heavy vehicles. They provide power as a compact source of energy and deliver outstanding performance even under demanding conditions. But to keep the wheel of progress on the roll, they deliver much more than just powerful performance.

Why Diesel Engines Are Used In Heavy Vehicles?

Fuel Efficiency

Diesel engines work on a simple rhythmic function, they compress air and raise its temperature for combustion. When fuel is injected, the heat in the surroundings burns it to release the stored potential within. This exceptional working mechanism and the quality of diesel to burn at a slower rate maintains an economical flow of the fuel. One of the prime reasons for diesel engines to be an ideal choice. 

Higher Torque

To accelerate every project efficiently, diesel engines power a ramping torque to your machines. The higher torque is a gift of the large cylinders and piston that accumulates more mixture of fuel and compressed air, resulting in increased revolutions/torque. An innovatively designed compression technique burns out maximum power from fuel leading to an output of desired torque. 

Easy Maintenance

The secret to the longevity of off-highway diesel engines lies in its attribute of easy maintenance. This attribute staunches the commitment of these powerful machines to perform strenuous duties effortlessly. Though it can deliver versatile performance every time, keeping a periodical check on its functioning can support its longevity. Here is your comprehensive guide to maintaining diesel engines. 

Rugged Design

Diesel engines are prone to generating louder noise and vibrations compared to other engines. This mechanical tension generated from the engine is controlled by the rugged and precision engineering of its design. A controlled power channelises demanded force and at the same time eliminates every factor that hinders its performance. 

No Spark Plug

The absence of spark plug in fuel-functioning engines was the biggest revolution of the century. 

A spark plug is an electrical device that ignites the fuel in an internal combustion system. Diesel engines compress air to an auto-ignition temperature that releases the potential of fuel with a burn. Thus, the design of a diesel engine eliminates spark plugs creating more space for other counterparts. 

Different types of diesel engines

Commercial Diesel Engines

Every heavy operating machinery functions on commercial diesel engines. They are designed compactly to proffer flexibility in their application. This powerhouse is usually observed in the foreground effectively powering giant vehicles such as tractors, excavators and much more. Our MVL2E and MVL3E off-highway diesel engines are reliable partners for such machines and are trusted for their non-stop performance on the field.

Diesel Engines for Agriculture

Agriculture is the heart of our nation, and we pump every vein of this heart with tremendous power. The durable design, efficient fuel consumption, robust performance and trusted engineering bear the weight of every operation in the agriculture industry. At MVDE, we manufacture MVL2E, MVL3E, MVS3L2, MVS4L2 and MVS4L2 – T that will take our agriculture machines to new heights of performance.  

Off-highway diesel engines

Most companies prefer off-highway diesel engines by drawing its feature of carrying heavy loads and ensuring seamless operations. These engines power up a majority of operations in every rising industry. To explore an extensive range of off-highway diesel engines trusted by the world.

Why choose MVDE?

At MVDE our engineering expertise of over a century helps reinforce power, quality and longevity despite the challenges advancing in emission norms. Diesel engines are an inevitable source of power for critical applications in agriculture, construction, marine and powerhouses. Today, as we continue our legacy of making quality off-highway diesel engines, we ensure every engine is designed with precision, assures all quality checks and delivers exceptional performance every time you hit start.

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