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Blooket: Latest Education Based On Gaming Modes For Better Learning


Blooket is the latest education platform that helps increase classroom interaction, which is the present-day need of the students because of the covid pandemic, which hampers the quality of children’s education. With the help of games and puzzle sets, teachers try to make their teaching exciting and easy to understand any topic through practicals. All these features are free of cost. So, anyone can try this platform and learn without thinking about the costs behind this course.

What is Blooket?

Blooket is an online gaming-based education platform in which gaming tools are used for teaching. Educators use this platform to increase classroom engagement, and it allows students to play solo or in groups. Teachers can use Games, puzzle sets, and quizzes to teach any topic. The examinations can be changed with the gaming mode, which offers a variety of themes and types of games. These features enhance their solving potential and provide a competitive experience. There are also different sizes of each mode. According to the question number in the set, the size of the mode changes.

Initially, teachers have to create question sets of the particular topic then select game mode. Students can join the quiz via code on their smartphones at that time and answer the questions. Those students who answer fastest among all win that game and earn points. Games are so attractive that they make students play more. Each topic includes a gaming mode that is used to learn them. Teachers also randomly point them in quizzes which add excitement to students. Different modes are used according to the topic, and it covers a variety of topics respective to the subject.

Game Modes in Blooket

Game Modes in Blooket


Many unique game modes are used to encourage students to learn more. It has seasonal and events modes that allow students to be more relatable. It has modes like Battle Royle, Gold Quest, Limited-Time Seasonal, Crypto hack, Cafe, Factory, Racing, etc.

Let’s see all of them one by one in detail –

1. Battle Royal

There is a solo 1 to 1 play battle round in this mode. Battles like the game on smartphones build competitiveness in the students and improve their recognizing or recalling skills. This mode aims to encourage the students to participate in these types of competitive battles and try their best, increasing their confidence level and personality development.

2. Gold Quest

In this mode, the students will allow you to win gold coins and also steal them by giving the right answer. They added a fun element of stealing from others, encouraging them to play this mode more. It will not only improve their knowledge, but they are also improving themselves for the future competition. The gold coin rewards push them to play and win more and more coins.

3. Limited-Time Seasonal

This is a seasonal game mode used to give the students breaks. It is a relaxing game that helps their mind to heal. It can be played solo or in groups. This is the last game of the day, making it relatable to the outside world, like themes on Christmas, Halloween, Durgapuja, Diwali, Tokyo Olympics, etc.

4. Crypto Hack

In this mode, the theme is all about cryptocurrency. They have to gain coins and give them to others. The objective is to practice them for the future in cryptocurrency. It will help them understand how to store crypto coins and invest and trade with them. This makes them more competitive and enhances their business mindset. 

5. Cafe

In this mode, they have to run a cafe. They have to serve food and gain points from others. Each right answer gives them stock to serve their customers. It will motivate them to provide more customer service and beat the other players. It will teach them to be humble and not become arrogant by gaining little success. This is the most loving mode of the students.

6. Factory

In this mode, the students have to earn money and spend their money to block avatars or costumes. It will help the students to make more money by giving the correct answers.

The aim is to build their thought process as entrepreneurs, as our country requires to become self-sufficient. It will motivate the students to earn more and more money and gain customs.

7. Racing

 In this mode, the students compete by giving the correct answer and winning the race. The theme is based on a race track, and the students are the racers. They love to race and compete with others, and it is one of the favorite games they play on smartphones. Each correct answer helps them to overtake the other player.

This mode is full of excitement and fun.

How to use Booklet?

First, go to and register your account via email id. Under 13-year-old students can only register this account. Choose the option to switch your account to the student or a teacher. Teachers host the game, and students participate in their games. If students are confused about the game mode, go to classic mode. It is designed to help you go to the right game mode according to your requirements. 

Classic mode provides an excellent feature of comprehensive classroom review and information about every game mode, puzzle, quizzes. 


The booklet is a new version of an education platform that helps students to develop their skills and gain knowledge in a fun way. Exceptional teaching skills are used to clarify each concept and build its basics. Each mode is designed to develop their minds for the future competition they will face to achieve their goals. It will help gain their self-confidence and increase their focus for their upcoming matches in the future.

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