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Brief Overview Online Notepad

Online Notepad
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An online notepad is a precise tool that will allow anyone to write notes over the internet and access them anytime. You can save any text, your ideas, to-do tasks, and any kind of significant data in an online notepad. You can use an online notepad as an editor also. 

 Benefits of Online Notepad

  • Write quickly:

We all know that typing on a keyboard is faster than writing notes on paper. We have been using mobile phones for so many years that have made us faster in this section. So, with an online notepad, you can write and collect your data in one place. In addition, you can have legible notes with less writer’s cramp.

  • You can access it from anywhere:

Online notepad plays the role of a best friend if you are a blogger because     a writer needs to write on various topics in a single day.       

  • Share with anyone:

Online Notepad gives you the ability to share your notes with your teammates. The best thing about this is, that whenever you update something in the notes, all your teammates can see the latest/updated version.   

  • You can organize your notes easily:

With an online text editor, you can make your life easier and faster.

For Instance: it would give you the ability to label your notes with different colors. In this way, you can distinguish the validity of specific notes.

  • You can edit whenever you want:

This tool will allow you to edit a specific text whenever you want. For writers/bloggers, it’s a self-regulating, time-saving, and extraordinary tool to keep a record of everything.

  • You can save paper:

Online notepad plays a very important role in saving trees, slashes, and even saving your office expenses.

  • Link notes directly to your other tools:

Online notepad gives you the ability to directly share your notes with anyone via email.

Functionalities of Online notepad

  • Auto Save: For autosave, you have to go to View > Preference. In addition, if you open multiple tabs for note saving, and by any chance, you close the tab. On reopening, your data will save automatically. 
  • Free Online Editpad: This edit pad is a browser-based online tool that is free to use.
  • No Login Required: You do not need a login form to fill out or provide any personal information to use this.
  • No Installation: You do not need any installation to use this notepad.
  • File Upload: Online notepad allows you to upload files directly from your device.
  • Word count: This allows you to check how many words you have typed in your document.
  • Character Count: Online notepad checks the number of characters written in the document.
  • File Save: You can save your work by using the “ctrl +s” command or “File > Save”.
  • Text Editor: Online notepad is not just the only tool for saving notes. It also has a text editor. Go to “View> preferences” for AutoSave, Text lines, Dark Mode, Font Size, Font Family, and Font Weight options.
  • Full Screen: By using the command “Alt +x” command using can make your screen full. 
  •  Multiple Pages: Go to “file> Open File” to open multiple notepad screens.
Operation Shortcut Key Description
New File > New File.
Open Ctrl + o Open Text File From Hard Disk.
Redo Ctrl + Y Do Again Editing Change.
Undo Ctrl + Z Undo Last Editing Change.
Select All Ctrl+ A Select All Text.
Delete Delete Delete Selected Text.
Paste Ctrl +v  Paste text that was cut or copied.
Copy Ctrl+c  Copy selected text.
Print Ctrl +p  Print text.
Cut Ctrl +x Copy or delete the selected text.
Zoom out Decrease Font size.
Zoom In Increase Font size.


Is it just a notepad?

The online notepad is not just a notepad for saving notes but also a text editor. 

For Instance: Go to “view > Preference” For AutoSave, Text Lines, Dark Mode, Font Size, Font Family, and Font Weight options. 

Can I save my text as a  “.txt file” on my device?

Yes, you can save that by going to “ File > Save”. If you want to give a name to your file but if you don’t want to name your file then “File > Save as”, the file will automatically save.

How long will my draft be available?

It depends upon the browser you use. For example browsers like “Google Chrome”, “Apple”, “opera” and “Microsoft Edge” with default settings, will save your draft unless you clear it.

Is Online Notepad free?

Yes, the notepad provided by is a free tool. You don’t need to register yourself and installation is also not required.

How to create a new File?

If you want to create a new text in a notepad online, go to “File > New File”


An online Text editor helped bloggers a lot and made it easy for everyone to keep his notes. In addition, It has also made it easier to access notes as compared to something written on the paper.

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