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Bubble Shooter games are enjoyed worldwide. Here’s why

Bubble Shooter games
Bubble Shooter games

Playing online games may have exponentially grown due to the pandemic, but it isn’t a new phenomenon. Since the rise of the internet and smartphones, people have always turned to mobile games for entertainment. Undoubtedly, the gaming industry is gaining immense recognition, and the latest technologies like AI and VR are transforming the sector. However, the core reasons for the fame of online gaming continues to remain the same:

  • To avoid boredom and kill time
  • To stay busy 
  • To relax during commutes to and from work 

Even though thousands of online games are available for download, one game that has stood the test of time is the Bubble Shooter game. People of all ages like the simple aim and shoot bubbles concept. Players find it therapeutic to watch colorful bubbles burst. In addition, the challenges embedded in the seemingly easy game keep players hooked. 

The goal isn’t difficult to understand. The game screen is filled with bubbles coming down from the top of the screen. At the screen’s bottom, there is a cannon that players must use to pop the bubbles and stop them from reaching the bottom of the screen. When the bubbles touch the cannon, the game’s over. Some Bubble Shooter games are time-based, making them even more competitive and intense. Players have to burst as many bubbles as possible within a limited time and score more than their opponents. 

So, if you want to play Bubble Shooter, you need to download the game right away and play practice leagues for free. The practice games will help you get the hang of the game and understand the different shots you can use when a straight shot isn’t the option. Also, keep reading to know why the Bubble Shooter games keep getting popular even when other games are available. 

  • Intuitive features and colorful graphics 

Hundreds of brilliantly colored bubble balls fill the screen when you play Bubble Shooter games. The colorful graphics are one of the main reasons so many people are addicted to this game. Moreover, you can play with friends or connect with random online players. You can compete to score the highest and even win prizes. As you pop more than three bubbles of the same color, you get power-ups, and you can use those to score more points.

Furthermore, clearing the screen of the bubbles is a fun and engaging activity where you are constantly worried about not allowing the bubbles to reach the screen’s bottom. It is an intense, action-packed game that comes with an easy-to-understand UI. So, you won’t need a lot of help getting a knack for the game. It will keep you occupied for hours. 

  • The game controls are simple and easy to learn 

The primary aspect of any game is the controls. If the controls are too complex, players lose interest, hindering them from having an enjoyable gaming experience. Game controls aren’t a hurdle for Bubble Shooter games online. The simple controls and mechanics of the game guarantees complete amusement and fun. 

You need to align your cannon and shoot at the clusters of suspended bubbles at the top of the screen. You need to carefully aim before shooting at the bubbles and try to find more than three bubbles to pop. You can even shuffle between two colors before shooting and whichever color you pick, ensure to match the bubbles above and pop them. The more bubbles you pop, the more points you’ll gain. 

Players need to continue the same actions of pulling back on their touch screen and aiming before releasing the bubble throughout the game or until the timer runs out. 

  • Incredible power-ups make the game more interesting 

Arcade games are often blamed for being one-dimensional, but there are variations. With Bubble Shooter, players get several opportunities to change their strategies and exploit the clusters of bubbles. However, there might be times when you find yourself stuck and unable to break through. You can use power-ups to pop several bubbles and clear a path in such situations. Some of the popular power-ups used in the game are the Fireball and Bomb. While the Fireball clears an entire line of bubbles, you can use the Bomb to eliminate a whole cluster. 

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You will get power-ups if you aim to clear more than three bubbles at a time. The bigger the combinations, the more power-ups you’ll get. You can utilize those whenever you’re stuck during the game. 

  • Participate in tournaments to win real-world rewards 

The excitement of playing online games is always doubled when you have to put your skills to the test. Even though Bubble Shooter may seem like a simple game, you need specific skills to master the game and beat opponents. For example, your aim must be accurate, and you need to master unique shots like the bank shot. In addition, you must learn how to bounce off the bubble on the wall and hit your desired bubble cluster. 

When you are confident of your skills, you can participate in multiple tournaments and win cash prizes or rewards. 

Wrapping up 

Bubble Shooter is a game that offers the perfect recipe for fun and relaxation. The game is entertaining, visually appealing, and you can earn extra money while killing time. Of course, you need to download the game right away and get a taste of all the fun.

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