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Can You Make Good Money as a Bookkeeper?

Can You Make Good Money as a Bookkeeper?

Did you know that 65% of Americans are actively looking for a new job? Many people are unhappy with their workplace conditions, the distance required for a commute, or the actual work they are doing.

Is that you? Are you looking for a new way to earn an income for your family?

Well if you like numbers, consider working as a bookkeeper. As a bookkeeper, you generally get to work by yourself, may even get to work remotely, or even go freelance.

How much do bookkeepers make? And what exactly does it take to become a bookkeeper today? Read on below to see why this could be the career change you’ve been waiting for.

What Do Bookkeepers Do?

Bookkeepers aren’t accountants. Their job is actually much easier than a typical accountant and doesn’t require you to have a degree and certification.

Almost anyone who is good with numbers, and doesn’t mind spreadsheets and basic bath, can figure out how to start bookkeeping in a short amount of time.

As a bookkeeper, your job is to balance the books of businesses. All transactions, going out or coming in, need to be accounted for. Every single item on a bank or credit card statement needs to be checked and verified, to ensure money is going where it needs to.

Bookkeepers do this with bookkeeping software, which makes your job very easy. It automatically pulls in financial transactions. It should categorize them automatically, but occasionally, you’ll need to categorize them yourself.

You’ll also collect and store receipts, as these are vital for tax and accounting purposes.

So do bookkeepers make good money? It all depends on who you work for.

How Much Do Bookkeepers Make?

So how much do bookkeepers make a month? You can get a job as an entry-level bookkeeper, without formal training, and earn an average of $16 per hour, $2,780 per month, or $33,300 per year.

For those who are young, with low monthly expenses, or who live in a dual-income household, this can be a living wage.

With more experience under your belt, you can make closer to $20 per hour, or $3,466 per month, while working as an employee.

Working as an employee is great for novice bookkeepers, as you often get some training on the job, and can learn the ins and outs of the craft while getting paid. You won’t have to worry about marketing or finding clients.

Working Freelance

The real money is made when you become a self employed bookkeeper. If you’re willing to go out and find clients of your own, then you earn all of that money.

If you work for an agency, the money coming in from clients first pays the overhead of the company and eventually trickles down to a lower rate for yourself.

But a freelance bookkeeper salary can reach up to $26 per hour or $55,000 per year. And if you build your own practice, and bring on your own employees or freelancers to help you out, you can earn even more.

More Money, More Responsibility

So how much do bookkeepers make? Entry-level employees can make around $16 per hour, while those with more experience can earn around $20 per hour.

Real money is made when you branch out on your own, where you can earn a healthy, full-time income. But that comes with its own challenges and additional tasks.

Looking for more career inspiration to help you discover your dream job? Visit our blog now to keep reading.

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