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Carnivore Club: The Best Meat Provider In Town

Carnivore Club is one of the best meat providers in town.  Carnivore Club makes life very easy for the meat lover. They sell meat that is fresh, tasty, and artfully prepared. They can customize their meats to the exact specifications of their customers. They can cook their meats any way you want, from sizzling on a skillet to roasting in the oven. 

If you’re hungry and looking to order something, Carnivore Club is the place to order. The meats at Carnivore Club are top quality. They carve them fresh to order, so they’re always ready to eat.

What is Carnivore Club? 

Carnivore Club is the only store in town that sells beef, pork, and lamb exclusively. They carry a variety of cuts of meat, including steaks, roasts, bacon, and roasts. The meat is fresh and prepared according to each customer’s specifications. Because the meats are fresh and cut to order, the preparation time can be anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

How much does Carnivore Club cost?

It depends on how much meat you want and how much preparation you want. Most meats box are around $40-50 per cut, which includes preparation and shipping. Meats prepared according to special dietary needs, such as Halal or Kosher, will cost a bit more. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Meal  

Carnivore Club is a restaurant that offers only meat entrees. The meat is of great quality and always fresh. The entrees are reasonably priced considering the high quality of the meat.

Give the Meat Expert a Call  Whether it’s breakfast or lunch, you should always get your order ahead of time. When you make the order, always give your meat expert your exact specifications. They’ll be able to prepare the cut of meat according to your exact specifications.

Craving for Good Meat?

Carnivore Club is a chain of restaurants that bring the best of meat to foodies. It serves good quality meat, and it all comes from responsibly sourced beef and lamb. All steaks are cooked according to customers’ preferences. The steaks are juicy and delicious and can be customized to each customer’s liking. It is a hot spot for carnivores, and its mix of meat and seafood items is loved by all.

Here’s How a Carnivore Club Delivers Once you call-in your order, the meat expert will carve it fresh, and they’ll deliver it to you. They keep your meat warm so you can enjoy a delicious meal right when it arrives.


Founded in 1984, Carnivore Club is America’s first mail-order meat company. It can easily be considered the king of meatpacking companies. Carnivore Club provides its customers with the highest-quality meats. They specialize in bison, elk, kangaroo, ostrich, and venison. 

They also pride themselves on their unparalleled customer service. The company prides itself on giving customers exactly what they want, every time. Carnivore Club operates out of a state-of-the-art facility in Meridian, Idaho. Every order is fully cooked and sliced, vacuum-sealed, and frozen in convenient bags or pouches.

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