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What Time is the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset
Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

When will the Destiny 2 Week reset take place? The exact time when the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset will take place will depend on a few factors. These include: How long you have played the Destiny game, which means days, weeks or months (past and present) and that element of the Destiny game you are participating in. The Destiny 2 reset will be taking place on Thursday, which is standard with most games. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of when players will experience the Destiny 2 reset in their time zone:

Destiny Community

What time is the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset? The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset will begin at 4 p.m. Pacific Time. During this time, all quests, bounties, assignments and activities will end, and the player will receive one last benefit: All players will receive a unique pursuit that allows them to obtain rare gear and weapons at a significantly increased XP rate.

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There are special quests that will enable you to obtain rare items that otherwise would be impossible to get before the reset. The rewards from the quests are also greatly increased, giving the player an even greater incentive to participate in all of the quests. This will help players earn bonus experience and rank up in the Destiny Community.

Benefits Or Prizes

What time is the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset? Suppose you participate in all of the activities within the Destiny 2 game, but you do not earn any unique benefits or prizes during this reset period. In that case, the time of reset will be considered the Destiny weekly reset time. Reset time will be regarded as the Destiny weekly reset time for all players who participate in all activities. This applies to all particular actions, including all Strikes, all Daily Challenges and all Raids.

Several Special Items

What are the unique items that can be obtained during the Destiny week reset? Several special items are included in the Destiny week reset, including items awarded as a reward for achieving certain milestones throughout the Destiny 2 gameplay. For example, players that get all five weekly achievements will receive the “Fighter Skin” for their character. Likewise, all strike maps will feature the “Bungie suit” icon as a reward for completing the combat trials within the playlist. These are only a few examples of the unique items that can be received, however.

General Feature

Why is the Destiny weekly expunge mission not available on week one? The Destiny 2 Weekly Expunge Mission was not added with the beta. Destiny reserves the right to add this as a general feature in the future. The Destiny 2 Weekly Expunge Mission was added with the comprehensive patch released just before the Destiny 2 beta went live. This particular update was one of the most significant adjustments that the Destiny community had experienced since the original Destiny game.

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What time is the Destiny 2 weekly reset? Time zones did not change with the beta. Players who completed the Destiny 2 beta could travel back and forth between the times to complete missions, interact with other players, and collect rewards and prizes. This meant that time zones could not change.

Content Available

Why is the Destiny weekly reset times reset every six hours? The Destiny 2 Weekly reset times were established to give all players a fair chance to experience the activities and quests in the Destiny 2 gameplay without any limitations. Unfortunately, the time zones did not prevent Destiny from introducing new, more challenging exercises and investigations, which required significantly more time. This is where time restrictions were introduced to provide Destiny players with an opportunity to get truly immersed in all of the content available in Destiny 2.


What time is the Destiny weekly reset? The Destiny weekly reset began at two o’clock on Monday night, which reset at midnight local time. This was implemented as a test for the next expansion, The Taken King, which will arrive later this month. During the testing of the Taken King, updates and new features were introduced to the Destiny community via the Destiny strikes beta playlist.

Players could choose to participate in the beta by downloading the Destiny strikes beta playlist or going straight to the Destiny 2 site and playing the game. The Taken King expansion will not be available during the beta. Still, the improvements and new activities featured in the development will be accessible to everyone once it is released.

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