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EdbMails OST to PST converter software: Overall Review Verdict

OST to PST converter software
OST to PST converter software

If you’re looking for an offline recovery, migration, and backup solution for Exchange server and Office 365, you’ve probably heard of EdbMails. It’s a popular Exchange recovery and migration service, as well as an Exchange OST to Outlook PST conversion tool. Have I captured your attention? Buckle up and read on for all the details in our EdbMails OST to PST converter review.

What is the benefit of using EdbMails’ OST to PST tool?

Those who haven’t used Outlook in a long time may be unfamiliar with an OST file. The information and data from the Exchange server are kept on your computer’s hard disc in a single document. Offline Storage Table, or simply.ost, is the file extension used by Outlook to store all of these data.

Your emails aren’t the only thing in this file. An OST file is used to store many mail items such as calendars, notes, journals and so on. As a result, it’s important that in the event of .ost file inaccessibility, it is important to recover and convert them to some other file format. 

You can’t open OST files in other email programmes since they aren’t portable. It’s also linked to a specific Exchange or IMAP email account and saved on the user’s PC locally. An OST file must first be converted before being transferred or moved to another computer. PST, or Personal Storage Table, is the most frequent OST conversion format. EdbMails goes the extra mile to ensure a seamless and effective OST to PST conversion.

Software Specifications

The system requirements for EdbMails OST to PST software are not that extensive and the download and installation were both simple. We suggest going to the official website and downloading the software from there. It is ad-free and virus-free software that does not contain any other intrusive additions or bloatware tools.

System Requirements
RAM 512 MB (4GB recommended) 
CPU Quad core 1GHz processor (Both 64-and 32-bit  versions supported)
Windows OS All Windows OS supported
Hard disk space  Minimum of 20MB free space 

Compatible File Formats

The EdbMails OST converter can export to a variety of formats besides the common PST format. EdbMails also supports multiple email formats including HTML, EML, and MHT, making it quite adaptable. Another consideration is compatibility. Many software products are incompatible with the latest Windows or Outlook versions, but EdbMails stands out and works with all Outlook, Windows, and Exchange versions. Therefore compatibility is not an issue with this software.

Converting files and saving them locally is the norm, but that isn’t always the case. In an office situation, you can save an updated PST file to a network disk.

Mail Recovery and Conversion

The PST format is supported for exporting emails and attachments. To recover and convert encrypted OST files to PST files, the tool doesn’t require passwords or encryption keys.

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Sorting mail items by Sent Date and Time, Attachment Size, etc. is also a useful feature. This is great for seeing older emails before the newer ones. As illustrated in the image below, you may arrange your emails by Subject by clicking this tab. The first mails with the letter A are shown, followed by the rest, for example.

When you first run the software, it surprisingly resembles Microsoft Outlook. Also, you can recollect what you’re doing by looking at the similar interface, which makes sense. Its sleek addition of mirroring Outlook is welcomed by novice users who are unclear how to use the application.


If you only want to use EdbMails OST converter on 2 PCs, the Personal edition is priced at $39. The Corporate Premium Edition for $89 allows you to install the software on several machines at a single location. For $129, the Technical Edition allows you to install the software on a number of PCs and any locations without restrictions. All three editions come with lifetime licenses, free 24/7 customer support, and free software upgrades.

Free Trial version

For those who are inquisitive or wish to try out EdbMails, there is a free trial version available. Other software solutions have time limits or expire after a specific amount of time, while EdbMails’ free trial version does not. The file is virus-free and installs very fast. You can also contact EdbMails unrestricted free support at any moment (even while using the trial).

Cost-benefit Analysis

This program gets 5 stars in terms of cost-effectiveness and benefit. We mention this because the tool is superior to most others and available at a low cost. Other software tools offer only restricted software upgrades and customer support. EdbMails on the other hand, provides free technical support, software updates, and lifetime licensing. (Buy once, use forever.) A single program contains the whole software and other handy tools, eliminating the need for separate installations and permissions.

EdbMails OST to PST converter working

Browsing the OST file

Browsing your OST file is the first step. EdbMails will handle the rest after you select the OST file from the location . It is recommended to make a backup of the OST file before starting the conversion.


After the software recovers your data, you can examine and preview your emails and other data from the built-in preview. The software can recover all OST files (healthy, encrypted, or unavailable) and convert PST files offline in your local environment.

Export and Conversion

Before converting, you can pick how to export your data. What you want to do with it depends on your needs. In most cases, you’ll need to use PST because Outlook can import it easily. To import the Outlook data file (.ost) into other email clients, utilize the PST format. That’s because this format is universal. If you wish, you can avoid utilizing the PST file format by simply transferring to Office 365 or using a live Exchange server. This saves time and effort if you are looking for a method to perform direct Office 365 import from an OST file on your PC.


The sheer scope of conversion offered by EdbMails earns it top marks – recovering and converting from inaccessible, corrupt OST files. The different software tools offered by EdbMails and its intuitive interface are the best in the world. Some software tools on the market are difficult to understand and other tools may be purpose-built for a specific application or feature-limited. EdbMails OST converter software covers all these limitations, thanks to its simplicity and ease-of-use. It provides a robust feature set that includes a wide range of needs, including OST recovery and migration. Regarding the product’s price and plans, this software features one of the most affordable options for all users. No other tool on the market offers so many features at such a low cost.

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