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Electric Skateboard: The Principle

Electric Skateboard

You are certainly familiar with skateboarding, this skateboard that has existed for many years and which is used by young people to skateboard or to move around… Well! It has seen improvements since the release of the film “Back to the Future 2” by becoming electric. Loved and enjoyed by everyone, electric skateboarding doesn’t differ too much from traditional skateboarding in the ride. But, it is equipped with a motor, which makes it much easier to move. It is therefore a personal transport device that works on the principle of the gyroscopic effect. It combines style, design, high-tech, and its speed is controlled by a manual throttle. With this equipment, you could easily practice skateboarding. And that’s not all, it is also used to move you to go about your many occupations. Today, we can find various electric skateboards online at

What are the components of an electric skateboard?

We have already said it, the electric skateboard is a skateboard equipped with an electric motor and a battery. The motor drives the wheels of the skateboard. It is therefore no longer you who will move the board. The battery, on the other hand, powers the motor. Without it, the motor has no capacity, and the electric skateboard will be reduced in its use to a traditional skateboard although it has a motor. But it’s not over: between these two components, there is another device. This is the controller. He is the real brain of the machine. According to the tracks, it calculates the power needed by the device, and more precisely the wheels, to move. It is also responsible for checking the condition of the battery cells. Thus, thanks to it, you are protected from possible overvoltages that your machine will face. It is the device that connects you to skateboarding.

All of these elements are held together by the backbone of the skateboard, also called the “deck”. It is this that supports your weight in your various movements. Each electric skateboard is associated with a remote control that provides braking, speeds, and even driving modes for the most efficient systems. We must specify that the electric skateboard is a personal electric vehicle like the Segway, and not an electrically assisted device. Its operation therefore differs from that of a scooter or an electric bicycle. You don’t need to “launch” it by doing a kick-start.

How does an electric skateboard work?

The electric skateboard is a revolutionary transport device. It combines the characteristics inherent in the hoverboard and the motorized skateboard. The machine moves forward on its own. It requires neither pedaling nor the use of your body. Its operating system is comparable to that of the Segway. In reality, you move thanks to the electric force and the gyroscope. The latter ensures your balance on the two-wheeled board. It enjoys great power and exceptional autonomy and is manufactured thanks to the contributions of artificial intelligence. The latter informs you about the charge level of the battery. Also, it should be noted that two technologies are generally used by designers to motorize this means of urban transport: hub motorization and belt motorization. The first is popular and easy to install. As for the second, it is a belt drive system. But, it has a lot of drawbacks.

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