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Essential Shotgun Safety Tips

If you’re new to shotgunning, the experience can give you a great deal of enjoyment. There’s nothing like releasing a bird in the sky and feeling that booming report of a shotgun.

However, any shotgun can pose safety problems if used in the wrong way or if it becomes damaged. Shotguns can be more dangerous than you expect, and you must know how to use them properly. Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself or others.

While shotguns are inherently safe, you must follow several safety precautions when loading, handling, and unloading. Failure to adhere to shotgun safety rules can result in serious injuries.

Not convinced yet? Keep reading to learn about the essential shotgun safety tips.

Learn Proper Mounting and Shouldering

To shoulder your shotgun correctly, you must first mount it in the correct position. The shotgun should be level with your eyes, and the barrel must be pointing safely.

Grip the shotgun with your strong hand and place your hand under the stock. You will then use your weak hand to grab the forestock and guide the shotgun up to your shoulder. Ensure your gun handling is not too close to your face, as this can cause the recoil to injure you.

Practice How to Load and Unload a Shotgun Safely

A shotgun can be safely loaded and unloaded in a few simple steps. Ensure the safety is on and the gun points in a safe direction. Then, open the action and insert the shells into the chamber, one at a time.

Close the action and make sure the safety is still on. To unload the gun, open the action and remove the shells, one at a time.

Choose the Right Ammunition

When learning how to use a shotgun, choosing the proper ammunition types is essential. The wrong ammunition can cause the gun to malfunction, putting the user at risk. The type of ammunition will also affect the gun’s performance.

For example, birdshot is not as effective as buckshot for self-defense. It is also essential to use the correct size of ammunition. Using the wrong size can cause the gun to jam or misfire. When in doubt, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep Your Shotgun Serviced Regularly

If you want to keep your shotgun in good working order, you need to service it regularly. This means separating and cleaning all the parts, including the barrel, action, and stock. You should also oil all the metal parts to prevent rust.

Ideally, you should service your shotgun once a month. You should avoid modifying your shotgun, affecting its reliability and against gun safety standards.

Wear Protective Gear and Accessories

When using a shotgun, always wear protective gear. This includes eye and ear protection, as well as a protective vest. In addition, make sure you have the proper ammunition for your gun.

You should also get safety recoil pads to reduce recoil injuries, especially for beginners. You can check out to get one.

Never point the gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot and keep the safety on until you’re ready to shoot.

Practice Responsible Shotgun Safety and Ownership

If you handle your shotgun safely, you can avoid accidents and injuries. If you are unsure how to manage your shotgun safely, ask a professional for help. When in doubt, always follow the shotgun safety rules.

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