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Extramovies are here to give you the “extra edge.”

Extramovies are here to give you the “extra edge.”

Movies are one of the most famous means of entertainment which have surmounted to new heights of popularity in this pandemic struck the world. Humanity is confined within the four walls of their home. Movies are the only feasible way that provides a cathartic escape from this otherwise mundane life. Sadly, not everybody has the time or means to watch a movie in a theatre or view it when it streams on an OTT platform. Sites like Extramovies is their cue. 

What is Extramovies?

What is Extramovies?

Extramovies is a torrent based pirated website that allows one to download any movie for free smoothly. It is a popular public torrent website with a plethora of movies to choose from. The movies range from Hollywood to the hip and happening Bollywood. This site also contains regional movies. Using such pirated sites have become prevalent today.

How do I get access to Extramovies?

Since Extramovies is a pirated torrent website, the fact that access to this website will not be a cakewalk goes without saying. A few years ago, the government of India had banned the use of pirated websites for downloading movies and made piracy of any movie a punishable offence because somehow, the government felt that the effort put into making a film goes into vain if one downloads a movie illegally from a pirated website. It prevents the makers from earning their proper credit and money. 

Thus, it is needless to say that the content found on this platform. 

It does not go in concordance with the law. Although downloading movies from this site may be a legal bother or may even be considered malicious, you can always visit it and download movies. Should there be a problem with the server, using a Virtual Private Network famously known as a VPN may come in handy? Extramovies remains dynamic by often creating various mirror pages to evade prosecution and continue their illicit deal.

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What will I find on Extramovies?

Extramovies has a nimiety of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telegu realms. Movies in Bengali, Punjabi and other regional languages are also found. It provides movies in High Definition too.

Cons of Extramovies:

It does not allow online streaming of movies. You have to download a movie if you plan to watch it in gratis.

Since piracy of movies is a crime in India, it is advisable to take all the precautious measures while using this website to prevent yourself from being dragged into the shackles of law.

Given below are points which will help you download a movie from Extramovies:-

To successfully download a movie from Extramovies, a user needs to.

  • Visit the site of Extramovies
  • Choose the movies from the suggestions or use the search bar to type the name of the movie they desire to download.
  • Verify the movie that is displayed
  • Please choose the format in which they want to download the movie, i.e. they can download it in 1080p, 720p, 420p, 360p, etc.
  • On clicking on the video mentioned above quality formats, the user will be redirected to the main page to download the movie.
  • The user will then be directed to the page from which he has to confirm the movie
  • The user has to press the download button
  • Once the download is complete, the user will find the movie in the files of their phone.

Besides containing movies in various languages, Extramovies also allow users to download several series in different languages.

When can we get a newly released movie on Extramovies?

If you are a movie buff eagerly wait for the release of a movie to watch it on the very first day of its release, Extramovies is what you need. Usually, one can find a newly released movie on Extramovies on the day of the release of the movie itself. But, sometimes, due to some technical glitch or any other issues, the movie may be uploaded a bit late. There is no reason to be disheartened by this news because Extramovies make sure to upload the newly released within a week of their release, if not immediately. This site for downloading movies in gratis is known for its consistency. Hence, be assured that you will not be required to wait for long to watch your favourite recently released movie.

What are some of the recently released or famous movies found on Extramovies?

Although Extramovies host a plethora of movies on their site, jotted down below are some of the famous series or movies you will find there

1.     Guilty

2.     Darbaar

3.     Kamyaab

4.     The Hunt

5.     Family Man

How popular is Extramovies among the users?

The popularity of Extramovies is increasing with each passing day. It is very famous among the Indian youth. Statistics show that this site is surfed by users daily.

Are there any other websites like Extramovies?

Although Extramovies is very reliable, it is good to have a few backup options to ensure consistent access to the movie world. Extramovies is not the only torchbearer of the site for pirated movies. Other sites like-

  • Tamilrockers
  • Putlocker
  • Filmyzilla
  • Hdeuropix
  • Jiorockerz
  • Movierulz

They are also famous among the users.

Is it advisable to use Extramovies?

Despite its fantastic user-friendly features, we cannot ignore that it is labelled as an illegal website. Hence using it is not safe, and one can even face legal charges if found guilty of using or downloading pirated movies or web series.

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For people who cannot afford to travel to the theatre or an OTT platform, Extramovies is a gift from heaven. In this pandemic, since the theatres have shut down, the use of mobiles and computers is the only way to watch a movie. But, these OTT platforms are pretty costly, and most of the masses do not use them consistently, thus rendering them a waste of money. But do not worry, Extramovies is here to make sure you do not miss out on entertaining movies. The best part is that you can keep your credit card aside.

Extramovies undoubtedly provide a good, up-to-date platform for downloading free movies; nevertheless, it is an act prohibited by the government of India. Thus, the user’s discretion is expected.

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