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Five Additional Tech to Help Reduce Car Insurance Costs

Reduce Car Insurance Costs
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Car insurance can be a costly expense to many drivers, unless you use affordable car insurance providers like A recent report by the Consumer Federation of America shows that the average driver pays around $841 a year in premiums. It is understandable that every situation is different and that many factors impact the cost of car insurance. 

But there are pieces of tech that you can buy that could potentially reduce the price of your car insurance, even just slightly. These items can help you receive the best deal in your area; for example, the cheapest car insurance Arizona has to offer.

Here are five examples of tech that could help you save money on car insurance:

1. Black Box

A black box is a small device that is installed in your car and monitors your driving habits. The data collected by the black box is then sent to your insurance company who can use it to adjust your premium based on how well you drive.

You can usually get a black box installed for free from your insurance company. And while it may not reduce your premium by a huge amount, it could help to lower it slightly.

2. GPS Tracking Device

Another piece of tech that can help to reduce your car insurance costs is a GPS tracking device. This can be used to track your car’s location and can help your insurance company to locate your car if it is stolen.

Some insurance companies may offer a discount if you have a GPS tracking device installed in your car. And while the discount may not be large, it could still help to reduce your overall premium.

3. Dash Cam

A dash cam is a small camera that is mounted on your car’s dashboard. It can be used to record footage of your journeys and can be helpful if you are involved in an accident.

Dash cams are great if you are ever involved in a car accident or if you witness one. The footage from the dash cam can be used as evidence and could help to prove who was at fault. And if you are not at fault, your insurance company may be able to use the footage to help reduce your premium.

4. Telematics

Telematics is a piece of technology that uses GPS to track your car’s location and speed. It can also be used to monitor your driving habits.

Telematics can be used to help your insurance company understand how you drive and could help to lower your premium if you are a safe driver. Telematics devices can be installed for free by your insurance company.

5. Anti-Theft Devices

Anti-theft devices are a great way to deter thieves from stealing your car. And if your car is fitted with an anti-theft device, your insurance company may offer you a discount on your premium.

There are a number of different types of anti-theft devices available, such as steering wheel locks and immobilizers. And while they may not stop your car from being stolen, they could help to reduce the cost of your insurance if your car is stolen.

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