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Here is Why Amazon Price Wars are not for you

Amazon Price Wars
Amazon Price Wars

Amazon sellers invest their time and effort in paying close attention to their product prices in order to stay competitive, win the Buy Box, and retain customers. However, just because sellers want to generate maximum sales, doesn’t necessarily mean they have to participate in the price wars that can drive your prices to the ground.

If you ask any Amazon seller what their biggest problem is when selling on Amazon, they’ll tell you it’s getting into pointless price wars and how damaging those can be. Moreover, instead of using the best repricer in the market, most of the sellers sign up with inefficient repricers that lower their costs to the point that they end up going out of business. Even if you are manually repricing your products or using automated repricing, avoiding price wars is the best strategy to stay relevant and competitive. 

Let’s find out a little bit more about price wars and why sellers on Amazon must avoid them.

Amazon Price Wars Explained

A price war can simply be described as a competition between you and other Amazon sellers that offer similar items on the platform. During such price wars, sellers continue to drop their product prices in order to defeat their competitors and get more customers by offering the lowest-priced items.

Sellers often assume that engaging in such price wars will help them gain customers, as well as increase their chances of winning the Buy Box. Moreover, a few sellers often believe that they are going to earn more profit by taking part in such Amazon price wars because of course, they will be selling more products since they are the lowest-priced. However, this is not how it works.

Why must you avoid participating in an Amazon price war?

Price wars often give you short-term success on Amazon, but it doesn’t take too long before you realize that it is not meant for you if you want to gain a competitive advantage in the long run. There is no point in compromising your profit margins only to get attention from customers, here’s why:

While you believe that offering the lowest price is a great method to retain your customers, this may not be the case. First, even when you aren’t in a pricing war, those buyers will want you to offer your products at the lowest prices. If you don’t sell your products at their preferred price, they’ll switch from you and move towards other sellers since they know they’ll be able to find someone who will be offering a better price than you. In addition, if you keep on selling your products at a low cost, eventually shoppers will notice and assume that you are offering poor quality products, which is why you are dropping the prices.

Price wars also leave the impression that your Amazon brand has nothing much to offer and that you have slashed your profit margin merely to get your products sold. It basically means that your products are not worthy enough to get sales, and that is why you offer them at the lowest price.

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If you want to compete with your rivals? Sure, go ahead! Price wars are not always harmful if they don’t occur frequently. However, if you keep getting into one, it will leave a negative impact on your business. Plus, other than your product prices, Amazon takes into account your seller rating, reviews, order fulfillment rate, and customer service while awarding you the Buy Box. You have minimum to no chances of getting the Buy Box if your shoppers start considering your products as bad-quality.

How can you avoid getting into price wars on Amazon?

Focus on making your brand stand out from the crowd!

Working hard to differentiate your products from other competitors is the most effective strategy to avoid unnecessary price wars. A price war usually starts when sellers promote a similar item in the market at the same price as each other. Sellers are solely concerned with the pricing of the goods and overlook other tactics that could make their brand stand out. You can offer your products at their original price without having to lower them if you provide exceptional customer service, and market your products in the best way possible. Also, offer high-quality products to your customers, make sure you provide fast shipping, and once in a while, offer free shipping too if you can afford it. 

Yes, you have to keep your product prices competitive but that’s not the only area you should focus on. Your buyers are definitely going to notice all the work you put in, instead of just caring about the prices you offer. Work on optimizing your product listing. Use high-ranking keywords in your product title and product descriptions. Plus, make sure your product descriptions are well written and your product images are on point. It’s not just about the product prices, you must offer value to your customers by providing them high-quality products and building your reputation in the long run. 

Don’t stick to short-term business plans

Amazon sellers keep on checking the listing frequently to see if they have got a sale. At times, you may discover that someone has undercut your product price and thereby won the sale instead of you. In response, you decrease your price in order to compete, and that’s when a price war ensues. You believe that you will acquire more sales this way, but as a matter of fact, you are compromising your business’s long-term growth on Amazon.

It’s okay if you want to make a profit sacrifice now and then to sell out your slow-moving products. However, don’t sell at a loss only to win the competition.

Don’t compromise on your profit margin. When you get a genuine sale by keeping a competitive product price and meeting your expected return, you will instantly get a lead over your competitors. You will stay in the game by not cutting your profits while your competitor’s reputation will deteriorate and they will eventually go out of business.

Get the Best Repricing Tool!

Now that you know pricing is not the only area you need to focus on, allow an Automated repricing tool to handle your product prices while you concentrate on the rest of your business aspects.

An amazon repricing tool boosts your sales and profits without getting your brand into a race to the bottom. All you have to do is set your min/max price limits and the repricer makes sure to reprice your products while staying within those limits. A good repricer ensures your product prices are competitive without driving them to the ground. It maximizes your profits while other sellers struggle to meet their profit margins since they set their product prices too low. Also, getting a repricer can be cost-effective, as there are some good options available that offer repricing at affordable prices. You don’t have to pay a hand full amount to your labor or sit in front of the desk to reprice your items manually in order to save money. Sign up with an affordable repricing tool and your job is done

In conclusion

You don’t have to participate in such price wars to undercut your competitors or grow your business. The right marketing techniques, customer service, and repricing strategy can help you get successful on Amazon faster than you think. All you have to do is set your goals, make agendas, and make sure to follow them; The Buy Box and the sales will eventually be yours!

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