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How an Age Verification Solution Generates Error-Free Results?

Age Verification Solution

The AI-driven age verification solution is one of the initial things that makes it to the list of a newly started business. The classification and onboarding of the eligible customer pool for certain enterprises that provide services for a defined age group like alcohol, cigarettes, lottery, gambling online, takes place swiftly with no error.

The age verification solution prevents minors and teenagers from getting through with false documentation or spoofing as there is a self-learning model encoded into the authentication program that can identify forged documentation and detect unnatural facial dynamics in a go, to protect the minors from wasting their lives on toxic substances and gambling.

Process of a Digital Age Verification Solution 

  1. The person uploads an electronic version of his/her  ID evidentiary proofs such as a photo-based national ID card, driving permit, or any other imagery document of identity
  1. In the systematic age verification solution, the individual also has to transfer a live selfie for facial recognition, where the biometric screening integrated into the solution examines it with the image on the ID proof
  1. After the submission of soft copies of ID archives and the selfie, the age verification solution in concerned business platforms validates the originality of records of the individual by matching the data against information in top-secret electronic data storage units and watchlists to ensure beyond any doubt that the client is neither underage for joining nor a fraudster
  1. Post the record attestation of the person,  results of the age verification solution  appears in no time

Facial Recognition Technology

The online age verification solution via biometric authentication service, in AI-based systems for KYC compliance effectively differentiates between false players and authentic ones. As the regulators and law enforcement bodies always maintain an updated database of all possible identifying characteristics of citizens ranging from their current geographic location to their DNA. 

The age verification solution equips supplemented businesses to validate and confirm the identity of an individual. The biometric screening service processes the newly taken selfie and detects inorganic traits if any, along with that compares it with facial data stored in the electronic facility. 

The automated  age verification solution detects the liveness by analyzing the  facial depth and the resolution of the uploaded images in real-time to facilitate eligible souls and discard the underage ones

How an Age Verification Solution Recognizes and Prevents Fraud?

To get age verified in restricted platforms, other than minors, adults can also join in under someone else’s ID. There are several programs/software that can assist people to succeed in that, deepfake is on the top of the lot. The specific technology can create misleading content by targeting any person, configuring his facial data into the system, and training it to perfection swiftly. 

Other than that, a facial mask is often used by people to deceive an age verification solution, which is of no use. The verifying platform/business asks for subsequent selfies from the prospect, differentiates between both of them to avoid replay attacks

Algorithm of AI-Based Age Verification Solution

The digital system via the use of Optical Flow Analysis calculates the facial geometry of an inspected person and the neural networks of the age verification solution is also trained for preventing spoof attacks as tons of models are configured in the solution so the algorithm identifies when the lips and words of a person are unsynchronized or not, whether the resolution is unproportionate, and other things. 

The online age verification ensures precision because the AI-powered solution identifies how a person moves or makes an expression, so the frequent or less blinking or no blinking at all gets detected immediately.

KYCC (Know Your Customer’s Customer)

The relationship of a business is not limited to its partners and collaborators. In the corporate environment, almost every firm is linked to the customers of their own clients as they assist in providing services and products to the final end consumer.

This always brings a certain amount of responsibility, a standard age verification solution ensures a business that it is assisting a legitimate client who further maintains compliance with concerned laws and authorities.

Especially, in industries like alcohol, cannabis, and relevant things, the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors all have to be assured that the entire business cycle is not causing any harm to anyone. Any platform or enterprise via an age verification solution can analyze the facilitated audience of their clients and learn any shady or immoral practice. In the future, if the client or partner gets testified, all collaborators might be in the zone. 


The age verification solution in any business only seems to add credibility to the brand perception in the minds of the public. The moral responsibility taken by businesses always leads to a positive impact. Online gaming, gambling, and age-restricted businesses not complying with the policies of age verification online damages their equity and might lose their license therefore every enterprise must perform digital age checks, for the benefits of both the firm and customers.

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