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How are Artificial Diamonds Different From Fake Diamonds?

Artificial Diamonds

There are two major types of diamonds: natural and artificial. But, there is also a third category made up of fake diamonds. It is crucial to know how all three differ from each other. Many people buy fake diamonds while intending to purchase natural or artificial diamonds.

Being able to differentiate fake diamonds from the other two can be helpful. It’s one of the ways to avoid getting tricked when buying diamond jewelry. So, are you in the market for wedding jewelry? This article will focus on how to differentiate between artificial and fake diamonds.

Let’s get started on everything you need to know about these types of diamonds.

How Can I Identify Real Lab-Created Diamonds?

It is good to first learn about natural and artificial diamonds. So, natural diamonds occur naturally while synthetic diamonds are lab-grown or manufactured. Artificial diamonds are not fake, as some people incorrectly assume. They have similar chemical compositions to natural ones.

Besides, artificial and natural diamonds have similar physical properties. Even experienced jewelers don’t find it easy to differentiate between synthetic and natural diamonds. This makes it easy to distinguish them from fake ones that lack these properties if you know what to look for.

Here are the differentiating features between artificial and fake diamonds:

  1. Artificial Diamonds Bend White Light

You might know the line test if you know something about diamond tests. This test builds on one of the properties of diamond: that it bends white light. It’s simple; all you need to do is draw a line on paper. Then place the suspected diamond on the line and observe it from above.

The line will not be visible if what you have is artificial diamond. You can be confident that it’s not a diamond if the line is visible. This technique is effective, and you can use it even when buying diamonds. But you can also carry out other tests if you aren’t sure about the line’s visibility.

  1. Artificial Diamonds are Heavy

The weight and size of diamonds will depend on various factors. Examples include diamond cuts and diamond shapes. There’s an online size chart that can guide you on this. You can note the differences in weight and size if you hold two diamonds, one fake and another genuine.

Artificial diamonds are heavy, just like natural ones. You’ll realize that they don’t differ much in weight if you compare two similar shapes and sizes. On the other hand, fake diamonds cannot match the weight of artificial ones. It doesn’t matter how real jewelers make their shapes look.

  1. Artificial Diamonds Have Better Thermal Conductivity

It’s also easy to know lab-created diamonds by their thermal conductivity. If you didn’t know, diamonds are the best thermal conductors. Thus, they get used for various purposes, mainly in electronics. You will find them in almost all the gadgets and appliances you use.

So, how can you use thermal conductivity to differentiate them? A simple fog test can help you do this within a minute. Breathe on both of them and notice how long the fog takes to disappear from the surface. The disappearance will be rapid for artificial diamonds and gradual for the fake.

  1. Artificial Diamonds Have Flaws

Source: Pixabay

This technique is one of the easiest to use. Artificial diamonds can never be perfect, just like natural ones. They have flaws that result from the process of creating them in the lab. These flaws are easy to see, moreso the inclusions that appear on the surface of a diamond.

Fake diamonds do not usually come with any flaws. But determining if there are flaws can be a daunting task. Thus, it would be best to not rely on your natural eye. Instead, use a magnifying glass. It will help you see even the internal flaws you might have missed with your naked eyes.

  1. Edges of Artificial Diamond Facets Aren’t Round

You can know this by checking a diamond wedding band if you have one at home. Artificial diamonds do not come with rounded edges to each facet. But fake diamonds come with well-rounded edges to make it look perfect and more appealing to your eyes when shopping.

It would help if you were careful when you notice perfect edges on diamond jewelry. Before purchasing, check diamond studs, diamond earrings, proposal rings, and other jewelry. This will make it easy to avoid getting duped with fake jewelry and ruining your special occasion.

  1. Artificial Diamond Doesn’t Wear Easily

Noticeable wear is another sign that the diamond is fake. Diamonds are among the most robust minerals on earth. They can stay for generations without losing their shine. Thus, you can use wear and tear to determine if what you’re about to purchase is a real or fake diamond band.

But do not forget that diamonds can also appear smoked if heated at high temperatures. You can remove the resultant skin to ensure it remains polished. Other tests show that it’s real but had gotten smoked and lost its shine. Fake diamonds do wear, so be cautious if you see any signs.

Wrapping Up: You Can Now Confidently Shop For Diamond Jewelry

These tips will be helpful to you if you have an upcoming wedding. Or, they can also help lovers of diamonds who purchase jewelry for fashion or fun. Therefore, they target no one in particular. You can even use the knowledge you’ve acquired in the future should you need it.

The bottom line is that you can now buy a diamond without any worries. You have all the tips you need to enter the market and come out with genuine artificial diamonds. Use it as a checklist when shopping for wedding day diamonds to avoid losing your money.

Above all, the best way to know if a diamond is artificial or fake is by involving an expert. They can help you do some physical and chemical tests to verify this. You can also decide to conduct the tests by yourself. The fog test, line test, and many others are simple and won’t take your time.

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