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How Businesses Can Overcome the US Labor Shortage

The U.S. labor shortage is real, with more than 47 million Americans leaving their jobs in 2021. Employers are facing a real challenge in both talent acquisition and staffing strategies as a way to keep employees on the job.

There are things you can do to minimize the U.S. labor shortage impact on your business, including using staffing agencies, increasing pay, and offering advancement opportunities. Implementing a few simple strategies can help you keep your operation running without losing employees.

Here’s how businesses can overcome the U.S. labor shortage.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies connect employees with employers and employers with employees. Consider staffing agencies as an antidote to the U.S. labor shortage.

Talent acquisition continues to challenge construction firms in 2022. The pay gap and a lack of qualified employees are significant issues resulting in project delays. Many workers lack the skills needed for today’s job sites.

Construction staffing can help you overcome the problems of staffing strategies and project delays. A professional recruiter can sift through applications and identify people needed for your construction firm. You can leave an expert to the tasks of finding qualified people rather than wasting time looking for employees.

Increasing Pay

A recent survey found the most significant reason people are leaving jobs as part of ‘the great resignation’ is pay. Many people find they can jump to another employee and make as much as 20-percent more.

Sometimes higher salaries and benefits are not possible, but you can work with your HR teams to set bonuses to increase pay. Adding additional responsibilities is also possible; many employees might take on an additional role if you pay people more money.

Moreover, reward people who come to your company with a higher skill set.

Offering Advancement Opportunities

Employees are also leaving jobs because they see no room to advance. A young laborer with a good education may not see a bigger role because of a large senior staff.

Is there a way to encourage advancement through additional training or seminars? What about employee development? Using these strategies can help in both talent acquisition and talent retention.

Consider creating a position or a title for someone with a unique skill set. These employees can help mentor younger employees coming up through the company. Job shadowing also shows employees they can learn from senior staff members.

HR teams can help you develop a program and roadmap to accomplish your goals.

Ways to Combat the U.S. Labor Shortage

Like many employers, you’re looking for ways to combat the U.S. labor shortage. You can accomplish these shortfalls by using staffing agencies, increasing pay, and encouraging advancement.

A better trained and happier staff will work harder. As an employer, you get better results and increased staff.

Did you find this information helpful? Find out more information by reading our blog. We can help you find the best employees and increase your talent acquisition rates!

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