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How Dump Trucks Contribute to the Society

How Dump Trucks Contribute to the Society

One can hardly imagine how large or profitable the dump truck service industry is in the United States which experts estimate to be about $19 billion and said to be increasing at 1.8 percent every year in the next five years. Now, if that isn’t an astonishing contribution, then what is?

Meanwhile, owner-operators of dump trucks are also estimated to earn anywhere from $40,000 to $197,000. Interestingly, the longer the dump truck, the higher salary the driver gets, according to industry insiders. No wonder truck dealers have been making a killing with mack dump trucks for sale ever since.

Dump Trucks Play a Vital Role in Society

The trucking industry, in general, is one of the strongest backbones of the economy in the country but unfortunately, a lot of people undervalue the job of a truck driver. Trucks are touted to be the prime movers of 70 percent of all the freight in the US and accordingly, roughly 80 percent of the communities in America rely on trucks for the daily delivery of goods and raw materials. Without such a mobile industry, many lives and businesses are going to be adversely affected.

While big rigs are used for delivering food, medicine, spare parts, vehicles, heavy equipment, and a lot more others, dump trucks, in particular, are a necessity in such industries as construction, utilities, mining, automotive, infrastructure, power, cement, heavy industry including garbage hauling and disposal. Without the dump trucks, the yield from these above-mentioned industries will vastly reduce and scores of people who depend on the trucking sector will be out of jobs. Truth is, this could weaken the industry.

A report from a high official of the American Trucking Association (ATA) states that the trucking market employs an estimated 7 million people of which 50 percent are truck drivers. Although many people belittle the trucking profession, it is in reality, a very rewarding career where truckers are afforded lots of chances to work, at the same time grow at work while enjoying so much freedom.

The same ATA official goes on to say that truckers are steadily growing in number but there are still the existing high demands of the economy and it is feared that the market is lacking at least 50,000 drivers. So obviously, this is the proper time for those who want to pursue a career as a truck driver when the demands are higher than before

How Dump Trucks Differ from Others

Not all big rigs are the same although many of them can do the same job of transporting. A dump truck, in particular, is a large motor vehicle equipped with an open-box bed at the back portion and is fitted with hydraulic rams to raise the front.

This action allows the cargo to be ‘dumped’ on the ground at the site of delivery. It can carry any load although it is commonly used to transport gravel, dirt, demolition waste as well as haul construction materials and coal, among others.

Incidentally, a dump truck is also known by many names – tipper truck, dumper truck, dumper trailer, dumper lorry, and many more. If you’re looking to invest in the trucking business, here’s where to find the beefiest Mack dump trucks for sale. Click this link.

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