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How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

kitchen renovation

Kitchen remodeling or renovations contains the replacement or improvement of all necessary parts of a kitchen. The budget cost of kitchen renovation or remodeling depends on the type of material installation, installing of appliances, and installing of cabinets. Every kitchen renovation cost varies according to the owner’s budget. There are three types of kitchen renovation according to which the renovation cost may vary.

Types of kitchen remodeling/renovation and their costs

Major kitchen remodeling

In this case, your complete kitchen is remodeled. This remodeling contains replacement of kitchen cabinets, repairing of sinks, painting of wall or applying new wallpaper to give a new and better look. If you want to change the kitchen flooring than you have to redesign it entirely. New appliances will be installed in your kitchen which contains new lights, bulbs, kitchen appliances, etc. An estimated cost for this type of remodeling ranges from $45000 to $65000. Making new cabinets & flooring is one of the most expensive part when it comes to kitchen renovation. Firstly, the old cabinets will be removed and new measurements are taken according to your plan, then new cabinets are designed to be placed in that space. The flooring work is a costly project because of removing old floor tiles and putting new floor tiles against them.

Plumbing issues are also resolved in the major kitchen renovation process. New water pipes, sinks, and water taps are completely changed in it. so, if you are looking for a major kitchen remodeling satisfactory work, then you must contact kitchen renovation professionals to get it done. Some other things which are considered while doing this renovation are:

• Get in contact with professionals

• Get an estimated budget

• Look for the right time

• Use of quality material

• Time estimate

• Material installation

• Plumbing fixtures

While you are planning for major kitchen remodeling, the process is broken down into categories to get an estimate for the cost of material, labor, and design.

Design cost for major kitchen remodeling includes

• Hiring an architect

• Getting a permit application

As an estimate, in major kitchen remodeling hiring an architect will cost around 5% -10 % of your remodeling budget. Material cost for major kitchen remodeling holds an estimate of 60% – 70% of your renovating budget. The labor cost for your major kitchen makeover will cost around 15% – 20% of your budget.

Mid-scale kitchen remodeling

The mid-scale kitchen remodeling project estimated cost is $25000 to $40000. The things which are considered while doing this remodeling are repairing old cabinets, repairing the floor, fixing plumbing issues, and kitchen makeover design tests. Some of the estimated cost figures for this renovation are listed below:

• Installing new energy-saving appliances will cost $4000 to $13000.

• Repairing of old cabinets by fixing broken doors will cost $1000 to $2500

• Floor fixtures would cost you $3500 to $4500

• Fixing of broken water pipes will cost $5000 to $10000

This kitchen renovation cost also varies according to the size of the kitchen and prices of remodeling or renovating elements which are being used. By getting help from professional technicians you can get an estimated price for your mid-scale kitchen remodeling. They will completely redesign your kitchen according to your budget plan. You can also lower your cost by simply upgrading those lightning that needs to be replaced.

Design cost for mid-scale kitchen remodeling varies according to your budget prices which includes

• Getting low service at a good price

• Using fine quality material

• Skipping bin hiring services

By hiring services from a professional company, the cost of labor will be around 5% to 9% of your budget. The cost of using fine quality material will cover 40% to 60% of your renovating budget and by skipping unnecessary things like bin services, extra hiring of labor will reduce 20% to 25% of your renovating budget plan.

Minor kitchen renovation

The estimated cost of minor kitchen remodeling is around $10000 to $15000. As in this renovation, only a few things are replaced but the structure of the things remains the same. The things you need to know while doing this type of renovation are

• Look for discounted material

If you are making a minor kitchen upgrade, then you have to look for discounted material that will lower the budget and will help you to give a new shape to your kitchen.

• Don’t change the layout

If you are planning a kitchen renovation and you are working on a low budget then you don’t have to change your floor or cabinets layout which might increase your budget. Keeping the same layout will help you to upgrade your kitchen to a new one at a low price.

• Hire professional services

These professionals are experts in their work. Instead of doing this remodeling yourself which will break your budget, you must consider help from professional kitchen renovators. These professionals will work according to your estimated budget to completely renovate your kitchen and make it look like a new one.

Sticking to a budget is an important part of the kitchen remodeling process. Some of the things which will cost you in this remodeling are

• Installing of appliances has an estimated cost of $320 to $4003

• Installing of countertops has an estimated cost of $825 to $3850

• Repairing of the floor will cost you $1825 to $2500

• Painting your outdated wall will cost you $400 to $1000

By simply giving a new face to your cabinets and choosing a simple design will completely fit your kitchen renovation budget.

Something that is often overlooked in renovation budgets is the costs of disposing of waste. Renovation waste can’t go in your regular bin, you need a commercial rubbish collection company in Sydney that can appropriately dispose (or recycle) your waste. It’s important you budget for this cost for professional services.

Cost of kitchen remodeling while hiring services from professionals

1. Sticking to budget plan

A complete plan is necessary for minor kitchen remodeling as it will help you to maintain your budget plan effectively and will make your kitchen look like a new one.

2. Can you DIY

DIY might also reduce your kitchen renovation cost, as it will cut the cost of labor and hiring services from professionals, and also by using existing material you can give your kitchen a fine shape on a limited budget.

3. Kitchen remodeling costs

The cost of labor in minor kitchen remodeling will cost you around 4% to 6% of your budget. This cost will also be cut off if you DIY your kitchen renovation.


The kitchen remodeling is a very expensive and time-consuming project. By making a budget plan, getting help from professionals, services offered by architects, the price of material needed for renovation, and starting work at the right time will help you in your kitchen renovation at a good price.

The major kitchen remodeling covers 80% to 90% of your budget plan. Mid-scale kitchen remodeling covers 50% to 65% of your budget, and minor kitchen remodeling only covers 35% to 45% of your budget. By getting help from professionals will also help you to lessen your budget, as these professionals are well trained and well-equipped.

These professional companies are certified by the state’s department. While hiring them you can check for their valid certification or by getting in contact with the state’s department. Also, they provide insurance services that might be helpful to you if you face any loss to your belongings during renovation.

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