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How Social Media Impacts Your SEO: 6 Things You Need to Know

Through Australia, countless SEO experts are battling for the first spot on Google! To get to the front page, you need to utilise anything you can get your hands on. Social media and social platforms are ideal jumping points that can launch you front and centre on Google’s front page. With proper usage of social media platforms, you can get great results and get ahead of your competition. How? By understanding the six things listed below.

1. Social media =More traffic

Each social media has its core audience, which resides on it. Whatever the number, it is still greater than zero, and you need to reach out to them. As you make some noise on any social media platform, make any content creation, and engage with its audience, you will create traffic and interest. That traffic is fuel for your SEO, as now you are giving it some material to work with. Most SEO strategies start from scratch and have to reinvent the wheel, but when you rustle a social network, you will start gaining followers and an audience. From there, your SEO can do the rest.

2. Social media will improve your local SEO

Acting globally, but being mindful of your local base is the way to go! Social media can reach the globe, and users from anywhere can become your potential customers. The practices and marketing strategies you’ve done worldwide make excellent material for use on your local SEO scale. Improving your local SEO is important because you need a strong starting point. With your global practices, you will create wonders on a local level, and secure your home base. Making your immediate surroundings aware of your presence and brand, helps you identify with your core audience, and your local SEO can flourish from the results.

3. Drives your content

Social media is there to help promote, drive and engage with your content. You’ve invested so much into making all that great content, so it makes sense to utilise all that content to reap the rewards. Posting quality content on social media is a great practice to create forward momentum for your SEO, as any pro and experienced SEO company from Sydney will tell you. When you do make content, it makes no sense for it to sit back and idly wait for someone to find it. You are obliged to post and share it on social media, for all of your customers to enjoy it. In the process, you will create data for your SEO, and it will continue to build results afterwards.

4. Organic traffic

Paying for traffic is easy, straightforward and expensive. As with all things in life, homegrown, organic and natural items are always better than fake and artificial counterparts. The same logic applies to traffic and SEO growth. Without paying for traffic, ads, and promotions your social media campaigns can do wonders for your SEO.

As any SEO expert will say, the entire marketing strategy is expensive enough, and those expenses can strain any budget. When you are consistent with your content, make quality products, and take time to respond to comments, chats and Google reviews, you are creating organic traffic. Showing care and affection towards your customers shows that you care. And people respond in kind, as finding a company that cares today is rare.

With that comes positive feedback on social media, and your reputation will spread. Once your customers notice you, they will start sharing your content, and your organic traffic will grow. The best way to define and measure organic traffic is to treat it as any form of free promotion you get from other users.

5. Longevity of posts

Sinking into obscurity online is easy. Content is being made and pumped on all social media daily, where countless companies and individuals compete for attention. Even with such harsh conditions, social media are your best bet for post longevity. Quality posts remain in people’s feeds, books and memories. They engage with it and share it with their friends, contributing to the survival rate of your content. The only thing standing between your post’s survival and obscurity is social media.

And your SEO because it will also strive to bring your posts to a bigger audience. That way, your SEO and social media will work together to keep your content investments paying for themselves. The moment your costs break even, it’s safe to stop worrying about obscurity because the point of the post is done. From that point onwards, all you have to do is enjoy the extra profit the post will generate. Anything can become immune to obscurity with its quality, social media outreach and good SEO.

6. Brand value

Whenever you think about brands and the importance of brands, try to name four car brands. That’s a definitive indicator of how brands shape and drive content because they are what your customers first think about. Association of terms is the highest form of driving traffic on social media and SEO. Establishing your brand and presence on social media takes time. With time your users will notice your presence, actions, posts and content.

As time goes by, your company will become associated with what you do, make or provide. Your company’s logo will become synonymous on that social media with what people are searching for. All of this helps your SEO to drive and bring even more value and customers to your company.  Creating that perpetual mobile effect is the last and desired step of any SEO strategy, where your brand will benefit the most! 

Social media platforms and SEO are two sides of the same coin. One depends on the other, and neither can survive or function alone. Creating content on social media will drive data for your SEO which will bring you to a wider audience, which reacts to your social media posts. You get the picture, and that way, you realise how important both are. At the end of the day, any tool at your disposal has its usage in the battle for the first page of Google! Be sure to utilise them all!


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