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How Technology Can Help Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens
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There have been some incredible advances in technology in recent years. We have all seen how cell phones have changed to become quite smart. We have devices at home that are very convenient and tell us what the weather’s doing. 

While a lot of this technology is targeted at the young, senior citizens can benefit from it. Here’s how:

Cell Phones 

Most people have a cell phone these days. However, a lot of people are unaware as to how they can benefit senior citizens. 

Cell phones are very accessible and they can be taken anywhere. Senior citizens can place their cell phones in their pockets or bags. This allows them to take their cell phones with them wherever they go. 

Some people ask “how easy are hearing devices to use?”. The fact is, they’re easy to use when they’re connected to a cell phone. Senior citizens can hear telephone conversations much easier. 

Fitness Trackers 

Fitness trackers can prove to be very useful. They can help those who need to stay active to count their steps. This type of device can also:

  • Monitor a user’s heart rate 
  • Help people to understand how many calories they’ve burned 
  • Monitor sleeping patterns 

Some fitness trackers are even equipped with fall detectors. When the tracker senses a fall, the emergency services can be alerted. 

Smart Home Speakers 

You can find smart home speakers in homes all around the country. Devices such as these are ideal for helping people to search the World Wide Web. Smart home speakers can also help people to speak with their family members or listen to music. 

Devices such as these can be ideal if someone has had a fall. They can ask for help from family members who can alert the emergency services. 

Smart Doorbells 

While some smart doorbells are still quite pricey, they’re becoming less expensive. In addition to this, technology is still improving. This means that there’s a real chance that smart doorbells could become even smarter. 

Senior citizens can use smart doorbells to help them: 

  • See who is at the door 
  • Feel safer in their own home
  • Communicate with the person or people at the door 
  • Keep potential intruders out

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. Smart doorbells can help with this.


Tablets have become a huge part of everyone’s life. Devices such as this can be very helpful to senior citizens as:

  • The screens tend to be quite big and are ideal for those who cannot see very well
  • Tablets tend to be more affordable than many computers 
  • There are many apps available
  • It’s very easy to stream videos and movies
  • Tablets are quite small and don’t tend to weigh very much. 

The World Wide Web 

The World Wide Web is accessed by most of the population almost every day. Senior citizens can make use of all that the internet has to offer. They can play their favorite games, order groceries, talk to friends and family and pay bills. 

Smart Plugs 

Smart plugs can prove to be very useful for senior citizens. They can help them to operate a range of electrical items in the home. For example, a smart plug could be connected to a lamp. When a user asks their smart speaker to “Switch the kitchen light on”. The smart speaker can send a signal to the smart plug, enabling the smart plug to switch the light on.

Smart plugs can be attached to almost anything: Lamps, coffee machines, side lights, and so much more. 

Glucose Monitors 

Glucose monitors can help the wearer to keep an eye on their glucose levels. They can be alerted when their levels are too high or low. Devices such as this can potentially save the wearer’s life. 

Medication Reminders

There are apps that can remind users to take their medication. Apps such as these can be installed on cell phones and tablets. Reminders can also be set via a smart home speaker. Apps and reminders such as these can ensure that senior citizens are more likely to take their medication. 

Thanks to the way that these apps and reminders work, senior citizens can get the medical help that they need. 

As you can see, technology really can help senior citizens to stay safe and healthy. As technology becomes more accessible and cheaper, more people can make use of it. Who knows, in a few decades, senior citizens’ homes could be full to the brim of life-saving and useful technology. 

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