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How To Block Robocalls and Spam Calls

How To Block Robocalls and Spam Calls

Spam calls and robocalls are, indeed, a nuisance. Such calls appear to be from real people with a legitimate number. However, the main intention behind these calls may be damaging for the receiver. A spam call may come with a bogus offer that may entice the receiver to share their personal details. They may end up transferring a certain amount of money to the caller’s account to take part in a fake lucky draw. Similarly, a robocall may be disruptive for a person working on an intensive project. Using private WiFi like Spectrum WiFi plans instead of public wi-fi networks helps reduce the number of such calls. Third-party applications can also be quite helpful in blocking such callers. Another popular way is to turn on the “contacts only” call feature so that only your contacts can call you.

Read about these ways in detail to block intrusive calls.

Block the Number

If you’re getting calls from a number repeatedly, then it is wise to block it. This option is available by default in both Android and iPhone smartphones. If you are an IOS user, simply go to the “phone app” and select “recent”. Next, tap on the blue information icon to block any number. You’ll stop receiving calls from the particular number you select.

The process for Android users is quite similar to this one. By going to the recent sections of the phone app, users can simply long-press on the spam number and tap on the block option. However, this technique may not work for persistent spammers. They may try calling you from other numbers. Therefore, you may need to adopt a more robust solution to tackle this problem.

Contact the Mobile Service Provider

Most mobile service providers have security offerings such as number blocking to prevent robocalls and spam calls. All you have to do is call the customer service number and inform them. They will take strict action and even try to trace the location of such a caller if it is a spam call issue. Otherwise, in the case of a robocall, they will simply block the call.

Use Third-party Applications

Millions of applications exist on both the Android play store and the iOS app store. These applications allow the users to perform many useful tasks. You can go to these stores to download third-party applications that can allow you to block robocalls and spam calls. All you have to do is enter the number here and stop getting calls from such numbers again. The application automatically rejects the call before it reaches your phone.

Use In-built Phone Features

If you are an Android or iOS user, then these phones come with inbuilt options to flag suspicious calls. Modern smartphones automatically signal if you are receiving a spam call. In the case of the Google Pixel, the entire screen color changes to red. iPhone iOS 13 comes with a default application called “Silence Unknown Callers”. It allows users to block any contact that is not present in their contact list. Such calls will directly go to voicemail. All you have to do is go to the settings and tap on the phone option. Here, you will need to enable the “Silence Unknown Callers” app. Do note that you will need to keep your contacts list updated to use this feature properly

Turn on the Do Not Disturb Mode

Another option to get rid of spam calls and robocalls on both Android and IOS operating systems is to select the “do not disturb” mode. Once you do, you will only receive calls from people on your contacts list. Otherwise, the calls will just go to your voicemail. If you do not receive a lot of spam calls then this mode should be your first preference. However, do not that you will need to keep your contact list updated so that an important call does not get directed to the voicemail.

These are quite helpful approaches to adopt to block spam calls and robocalls. Make sure to use them to keep your personal data and privacy secure.

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