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How To Build A Profitable Google Ads Display Campaign?

Profitable Google Ads Display Campaign
Profitable Google Ads Display Campaign

The Google display network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide. That’s the power of display ads. 

However, if not utilized properly, a Google display ads campaign can quickly become a black hole that sucks in all your marketing budget. In a way, it is a double-edged sword.

So what should you do? Should you wield it yourself or should you leave it to the experts?

Let’s weigh your options in either case. 

Building A Profitable Google Ads Display Campaign

1. Crunch the numbers and determine your profit

In a survey by HubSpot, only 35% of marketers said that understanding the ROI of their campaigns is “extremely important.” The rest of them are going in blind. 

The fatal flaw of rookie digital advertisers is skipping the required back-calculation before launching an expensive ad campaign. They think a solid marketing plan paired with optimism is going to make them money. Wrong!

Source: Pixabay

A simple calculation of the estimated ROI can save the day. It can tell you beforehand whether you should even launch the campaign or not. If prospects look dire, you can tweak the plan in time. Eventually, you’ll save on expenses and maximize profits. 

Before embarking on a display ad campaign, 

  • Calculate your profit per customer. This equals the average sum you’ll make for every lead that converts. Sales per customer divided by sales for each customer’s contribution to revenue growth should give you an estimate.
  • Figure out your estimated cost of acquisition. This is the amount you spend on each lead that converts. First, figure out the total cost of your display ad campaign. Now divide this amount by the number of customers that you acquire. Use your overall conversion rate from previous campaigns to determine this. 
  • Now compare the two. Let’s say your profit per customer is Rs. 4000 and your estimated cost of acquisition is Rs. 3000. So you have an average ROI of Rs. 1000. This is a profitable campaign. On the other hand, if there is little to no profit or a possibility of loss, then a change of plans is necessary.

2. Create the ideal customer persona

The key difference between search ads and display ads is audience intention. Search ads show up when the audience intentionally searches for your chosen keywords. Not much targeting is required there. 

However, display ads interrupt the audience in the middle of their website surfing. So your prospective leads are not searching for you. You have to find them instead. For that, you have to know what your ideal customer looks like.

Source: Pixabay

Ask the following questions to develop your target customer persona:

  1. Who is this person? 

Define their demographics.

  1. What do they do for a living? 

Collect data on prospects’ job title, company size, industry, and responsibilities.

  1. What does a day in their life look like? 

People they deal with, situations they face, decisions they make.

  1. What are their pain points? 

Challenges they face that can be solved by your products and services.

  1. What are their goals and values? 

Factors driving their purchase decision and their end objective in making each purchase.

  1. What can their possible objections be? 

Reasons people usually provide to justify why your solutions won’t meet their needs.

  1. Where are they looking for information? 

Primary sources they use in the course of their research and purchase process.

3. Present an irresistible offer

The average click-through rate in AdWords across all industries is 0.46% for display. You know what that means, right? The attractive power of your Google display ad makes or breaks the deal. And in most cases, it’s the latter.

Remember, you are approaching an interrupted audience. They are probably already annoyed with these pesky display ads on every website they visit. So your display ad needs to stand out. 

The quality and promise of your ad must overpower the viewer. You have to get them to click and make the purchase. 

Source: Pexels

Let us unveil the secret recipe for crafting a magnetic display ad:

  • Use high-quality images that are easy on the eyes. No excessive editing or jarring visuals.
  • Don’t overlay a logo or text on top of an image. If you must use a logo or text, integrate it within the photograph.
  • Avoid overlapping button symbols on the image. Integrate a clear call to action that tells your prospects what they need to do next.
  • Put the product/service image front and center. The viewer shouldn’t have to guess. Leave no room for confusion.
  • Avoid collages and digital composite backgrounds. Natural photographs work better.
  • Include a captivating offer. Think first-time discounts, free information, free initial service, strong guarantee, and gift with purchase. Let your prospects know what they can gain if they click. 

4. Dissuade unqualified leads

The average cost per action (CPA) for display ads is $75. And the average conversion rate for display in AdWords across all industries is 0.77%. That’s pretty expensive, we’ll say. 

You don’t want someone to click who is unlikely to make a purchase, ever. It’ll be equivalent to flushing money down the toilet.

Source: Pexels

Such a person is your anti persona. They will be attracted to your ad since it addresses their primary pain point. But there is a catch! 

They have a variation of the problem that your product/service is seeking to solve. So your solution will never be an ideal fit for them. It is best to include signs in your display ad to ward off such unqualified leads. 

Let’s assume you are a bulk supplier of home decor items. So you want to avoid people who are looking for home decor but not buying in bulk. Include and highlight words like “bulk supplier” in your ad copy. Voila! You just saved some money.

5. Hire Google AdWords experts and relax

The previous four steps cover only the most crucial phases in devising a display ad campaign. But they aren’t all. There are innumerable other micro-processes involved. If we mention all of them, this article would turn into a digital marketing book. So we have a better proposal for you. 

Why not hire people who have already read such books? Why not hire Google AdWords experts to execute and oversee your campaign?

Source: Pexels

Maybe you manage your ad campaigns by yourself or maybe you have an in-house marketing team. Either way, you will agree that it is a hassle and a half. It is both cost and time-intensive. And after all that trouble, there is no surety that your marketing campaign will be a success. 

This is where Google AdWords experts come in. Here’s everything you stand to gain from outsourcing the challenging task of building a profitable google display ads campaign: 

  • Quick turnaround time. Your campaign will be up and running within a few days. No time wasted on trial and error.
  • Competitive pricing. You will end up spending way less on this service compared to hiring and housing a marketing team.
  • Value for money. This will eliminate any possibility of wasted marketing budget. Every penny you spend will be accounted for. 
  • Guaranteed success. Experts bring decades of experience to the table that a newbie can’t match up to. That means your display ads will definitely attract qualified leads and increase your conversion rate.

There you have it. We have given you the arsenal that can transform any display ad campaign for the better. You can take the baby steps and learn the ropes or you can let the experts take care of it. Choose what suits your business best.

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