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How to Develop an Appealing Archaeology Dissertation – Digging Deep

Per the reports of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, employment in this sector grew by 7.8% in the past years, and an estimated 5,300 people are working in commercial archaeology and 7,200 overall in all sectors of archaeology.

The figures show that the demand for qualified archaeologists is high in the UK, and they can benefit economically pretty well. If you are aiming to become a successful archaeologist and make your place in the market, you will have to pass your dissertation first with the best grades. 

Now, it is understandable that managing the research and writing work becomes hectic when all the fieldwork is going on. To ease your burden, we have come up with some tips to relieve you of the difficulties of writing an archaeology dissertation. 

If you are still feeling confused, you can get help from the writers at the best dissertation writing services online. They will craft the dissertations tailored to your needs. 

10 Best Tips for Perfect Archaeology Dissertation Writing 

The final stage of archaeology capstone projects is writing and presenting the conclusions in an organised manner. It comes after a number of stages, like data collection, formulation, analysis, and answering the research questions. 

At this point, it goes without saying that writing a dissertation on archaeology is a frustrating and nerve-wracking experience. The following guidelines will make it easy for you to accomplish the writing process: 

Follow a Structure

For writing your archaeology dissertation, it is a must for every student to plan the writing section in advance. You should break it down into manageable sections and make a list of headings that will help you get through the process. 

A number of sequential formats exist for meeting the requirements of archaeology dissertation structure. In this article, we have included an indicative structure to follow when planning the contents of your dissertation.

1. Title Page

As understood from a review of successful archaeology dissertation examples, the title page shall have the name of your study, along with the date and writer’s name. The title must also have the most prominent keywords that reflect the primary aim of your research. 

You must choose the important keywords that can easily be found online. Some researchers also write a subtitle to establish the general aims and purposes of the research work. It is always a good idea to edit the title and subtitle at the end of your dissertation – for fine-tuning purposes. 

2. Abstract

In this part of your archaeology dissertation, you shall summarise the basic argument of your research work and present the research data to the readers as briefly as possible. Ideally, it should only be 250 words in length and must include the following three elements: 

  • Conclusion
  • Key findings
  • Main research problem

Generally, it is best to craft the abstract portion at the end of your archaeology dissertation. It provides the readers with an insight into what your work will be about. 

3. Introduction

This section of your archaeology dissertation outlines the aim of your research and highlights the research questions. It comes right before the main text and portions of your work. You shall also include a list of tables and figures and a content page between the abstract and introduction page. 

The quick tip is that you should not write the introduction at the initial planning stage of your work because the initial order of data will change numerous times during the writing process. 

4. Literature Review

The literature review of your archaeology dissertation provides the context of your research to the readers and strengthens the background knowledge of your field. This chapter aims to critically evaluate the previous work in the field relevant to the archaeology dissertation topics under study. 

Generally, you will have to incorporate a discussion of the basic concepts that lead to frame the findings and explain them. 

Based on the nature of your work, you can also include a theoretical framework portion along with the literature review. Keep in mind to take the citations of this section from credible sources only. 

5. Methodology

Here, you provide the reader with information about how the researcher proceeds to the hypothesis of your research project. You outline and justify the investigation methods in the methodology section of your historical archaeology master’s dissertation. 

Here is a hoard of Bronze Age scrap metal that was found during archaeological excavations. While writing the methodology, you shall narrate how it was made possible. The research can also be related to the Iron Age or the discovery of the material culture of forgotten local communities. 

Ensure that you follow the research ethics rules while devising your methodology. You can also get archaeology dissertation ideas help to effectively write this section. Review archaeology dissertation topics and research papers, and get an idea of how to finish your work effectively. 

6. Findings

This section of your undergraduate dissertation provides the readers with an insight into the main findings of your research. The findings of your work can be presented in a number of ways based on the methodological approach you choose for your dissertation. 

For instance, you may have to highlight to the reader any archaeological site found by heritage organisations in the nineteenth century. Or it can be related to a case study which explains the early medieval human remains from a south-east historical place. Whatever it is, you should use as many pictures and graphs as you can in your papers to make them interesting for the readers. An example is here:

The length of this section can be extended to more than a single chapter, and if you choose the relevant approach, it will overlap with the discussion chapter of your dissertation. 

7. Discussion

In this part of your research paper, the archaeology dissertation writers weave together the theory and data of the dissertation and relate the main results to the theoretical discussion that took place in the literature review. Also, present a critical analysis of the results and respond to the research questions in the best possible manner. 

The questions to be answered during this section include the following:

  • Have you adequately answered your research questions in this part? 
  • Have you fulfilled the aims and objectives of your research here? 
  • Is your archaeology dissertation methodology justified per the research work?
  • Are the objectives of your archaeology dissertation/research proposal fulfilled?
  • Does your research fill the gaps in the current literature? 

You shall also answer these questions in your discussion section of the dissertation. 

8. Conclusion

Finally, in this part of your archaeology dissertation, you summarise your findings to the readers and present them with an outline of the main points. Further, if there is any need for it, you will also provide a brief discussion of the implications of your research work. 

But make sure that you do not go on to introduce any new arguments while working on this chapter of your dissertation. Also, if you are feeling stuck in some place, you should not hesitate to ask for high-quality archaeology dissertation help online. 

9. Appendices

The appendices include the details about the supplementary content linked to the dissertation but are not too relevant to add to the main body of the research work. It can be the raw and primary data, drawings, secondary data, evidential arguments, maps, graphs and more. 

The references must be used correctly in the text, and the appendices should only have the relevant material to the research. 

10. Bibliography

The bibliography is a list of all the sources that you refer to in the previous sections. They should be correctly matched in the text (known as in-text citations) and the concluding bibliography. There are numerous ways to reference your sources; make sure that you use the accepted style only. 

Follow the university guidelines, and if necessary, you should refer to the guidelines mentioned in the booklet named Cite Them Right (Pears and Shields, 2016).


So, the bottom line is that you must choose one of the best archaeology dissertation topics and then research the topic effectively. The best thing to do in this regard shall be to consult credible and reliable sources, forgetting citations that will be used in your papers. 

Always check the accuracy of the arguments you make in your work and proofread your papers before the final submission. There must be no statistical, contextual, logical, or grammatical errors in your papers once they are ready for submission. 

Further, you can also get help from dissertation writing services online to assist you with your archaeology dissertations. The Academic Papers UK is the best to take help from in this regard.

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