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How to Extend the Life of Your iPhone?

Life of Your iPhone

Changing smartphones regularly due to their short life span is quite alarming. But, it is more disheartening when you spend a lot of money buying a gadget such as an iPhone, which does not last. 

The iPhone contains the necessary tools to meet the daily needs of diverse individuals. Thus, the meeting of these needs results in its high demand. 

But, with its price and high demand, you need to know how to make your device serve you for extended periods. So, with these appropriate maintenance skills, an iPhone could serve you for a couple of years. 

Ways to Extend Your iPhone’s Life

There are many ways to ensure the durability of your iPhone. Some of these techniques include; 

  1. Buy a Durable Phone Case

With most people constantly on their phones, having them slip through their grasp can be unavoidable. Dropping your iPhone can cause much damage, especially without protection. 

Some of these damages could be massive cracks or a total screen blackout. As a result, this damage could cause your device to heat up. This heating process could lead to a reduction in your battery life. 

You could also experience some minor damages that are undetectable to the eye. Some of these damages could be internal, and the effects might not be evident for that particular time frame.

 But, in the long run, your gadget might develop some technical faults. If the fault is massive and you lose your phone, you could have a variation of “buy used iPhone.” 

You can opt for a durable phone case to avoid the massive damages that might lead to buying a new phone. For all-around protection, buy a durable phone case that shields your screen. Another trick is to buy a case that fits the model of your iPhone. 

Trying to fit your phone in a case other than your phone specifics will not provide the optimum protection you need. 

To get a suitable case, read through the case details to see its compatibility with your phone. Also, you don’t need so much money before you get a durable one. There are cheap iPhone cases that provide the needed fortification. 

To find the best safety guard for your screen, look into PET plastics or tempered glass products. But ensure to get the right size of screen protectors. A disparity could lead to complications. 

Image Credits: Pexels

You could ask a nearby phone expert if you need help finding the perfect case that matches your iPhone. Another place to get help is to look online. The internet has a variety of options available.

  1. Keep Your Device up to Date

It is vital to update your phone constantly. Updating your phone will heighten security measures and provide prevention from cyber attacks. Also, it keeps your apps up-to-date and your operating system running smoothly. 

Here are simple steps to updating your apps:

  1. Go to App Store
  2. At the top of the screen, tap the profile icon
  3. Scroll to check out awaiting updates
  4. Tap Update All to get the latest versions of all the apps. If you desire only to update one app, tap on update next to the app.
  5. Be Knowledgeable About the Times to Charge Your Battery

Image Credits: Pexels

A phone is as effective as its battery life. Thus, it would help if you learned how to charge your batteries properly. Here are the steps to properly charge your iPhone.

  1. Avoid Charging Your Phone to Lesser Limits

As much as possible, stop unplugging your phone when it has a charge between 40% and 80%. Unplugging your phone above the upper limit of 80% is safe because the battery is stable at this point.

  1. Prevent Your Battery From Draining to 0%

An iPhone battery’s cell contains lithium ions. These ions determine the battery capacity of the device. But, when you allow your phone to drain to 0%, you reduce the potency of these lithium ions. This drain results in the reduction of the battery life.

  1. Unplug Your Phone When It’s Fully Charged

When you have a charge of 100%, ensure to unplug your phone. Leaving it plugged in could cause a small amount of power to leak into the battery to keep the charged state. This leak could cause tension, and a continual build-up of this pressure will destroy the battery.

  1. Avoid Overnight Charging

Charging your phone at night puts a lot of tension and strain on the battery. These pressures lower the chemical makeup of the battery. In the long run, the battery’s capacity diminishes with each charge. So, charging overnight is a big no-no. You don’t need those long hours of charge. 

  1. Store Your Phone at 50%

Store your phone at 50% if you plan to put it away for an extensive period. But, it would be best if you charged your phone at intervals to maintain the charge of 50%. That way, you will prevent the battery from destabilizing in the future.

  1. Do Not Subject Your Phone to Extreme Temperatures

Protecting your iPhone from extreme temperatures will extend your battery life. Thus, it would help to avoid keeping your phone in extreme heat and cold conditions, as this can damage your battery. 

In extreme heat conditions, you can lose your data, or your iPhone can catch fire due to battery leakage. On the other hand, in extreme cold, the lithium ions in your battery cells will die at a faster rate. 

To keep your phone at average temperatures, you should;

  1. Reduce the time you use your phone to prevent it from overheating.
  2. Desist from leaving your iPhone in your pocket, as this can cause the device to overheat.
  3. Please avoid using your device outdoors, especially when it gets too hot or cold.
  4. Avoid leaving your phone in the car, particularly in the cold seasons. The chilly weather can kill the phone’s battery cells.
  5. Avoid using or keeping your iPhone under direct sunlight.
  6. Stop charging your device under warm and thick materials such as blankets.


To avoid spending a lot of money replacing worn-out iPhones, you need to learn how to maintain the one you have. The above are tips that can guide you to prolong the lifespan of your iPhone. 

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