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How to Make a DIY Sliding Barn Door

With Americans spending over $420 billion last year on home updates, it’s not unusual to think about joining in. And if you’ve always dreamt of having an indoor barn door, why not get started? A few simple materials and processes can transform the look of any indoor entryway.

Read on to learn how to make a DIY sliding barn door!

Figure Out Your Space Requirements

Are you hoping to have one door that slides on a track to one side? Or do you want bifold doors that open to either side? Your DIY barn door choice might depend on your space.

Traditionally, a barn door needs to be able to slide to one side on a track system. But if you want to install a DIY sliding barn door to access your pantry or a master bedroom closet, you might not have much wall space on either side. In this instance, a sliding door won’t work.

But you can attach some shiplap boards to create a hinged bifold door that will give you the same rustic feel when you’re short on space. For a variation on that approach, split the door horizontally to create a Dutch-style door where the top or bottom half can open.

Gather the Boards for the Job

Pine boards are a low-cost way to add the warmth of wood to your door’s construction. Other popular options include ash and white cedar for their lightness and ease of use. With any choice, you’ll use rails or scraps attached horizontally or diagonally to the gathered boards to hold them together.

And consider the style. For a cleaner Shaker-style door, you’ll just need the right paint to complete the look. But for a distressed style, you might need a few more tools and a wood stain.

You can use a grinder, for instance, to scuff and indent the surface of the boards you use. And for an extra level of distress, use an awl to puncture the door to create the look of wormholes.

And don’t forget about the DIY barn door hardware. Learn about decorative screws that can add vintage charm to your door!

Install the Tracks and Mounting System

Use DIY barn door plans to map out the measurements and placements of your door’s track. You can use elaborate plans if you have the know-how to assemble them. But for a simpler approach, use a bifold-style door that requires hinges on one side.

For an approach that won’t sink your budget, you can use a galvanized pipe as the top rail. In most cases, you’ll use anchors and bolts to attach a track to the wall. Don’t skip the bottom track, too, since it will prevent the door from swinging out from the wall.

Create a DIY Sliding Barn Door

A DIY sliding barn door can add rustic charm to any space. Consider the type and style of door you want since this will inform the tools and materials you need. Assemble your wood boards to form the door, and then carefully mount the track system so your indoor barn door opens.

Get more home improvement tips. Check back soon for new articles!

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