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How to Prove Your Repetitive Strain Injury Is Work-Related

Did you know that repetitive strain injury affects 1.8 million workers every year? A repetitive strain injury is an injury caused by tedious motions, like repetitive heavy lifting. As a worker, you may be wondering if you’re entitled to compensation for this type of injury.

Because these kinds of injuries are usually less obvious than other types of injuries, it can be difficult to prove the injury genuine. If you would like to claim compensation from your employer, you’ll need substantial evidence. Here’s what you need to know about proving your injury is work-related.

Medical Report

Your medical report is going to be the most important asset in your claim. If you’re suffering from a repetitive strain injury because of the way you have to work, you must see a doctor as soon as possible and get your complaints down in writing. The quicker you see your doctor, the easier it will be for him to establish a connection between your work and your injury.

If your doctor can establish that connection, ask him to put it into your medical report so the evidence is there when you need it.

How Long Do I Have to Make a Claim?

Your claim will be subject to a statute of limitations which means the length of time you have to make a claim will be defined in your state. Reporting a repetitive strain injury can be difficult because these types of injuries occur over time so it’s important to report it to your employer as quickly as you can. It’s also important to take note of your employer’s rules.

If your employer recommends working in a certain way to avoid repetitive strain injuries and you have ignored these recommendations, you may not be able to make a claim. For instance, if you’ve had carpal tunnel syndrome or finger repetitive strain injury because you spend most of the day typing, your employer may recommend you take regular breaks away from your desk to ensure repetitive strain injury prevention. However, if your employer does the opposite and enforces large amounts of time at your desk, you can use this as evidence for the reason you have your injury.

Find a Suitable Lawyer

To get the workers comp you deserve, you’ll need to find an injury lawyer with experience in your type of case. Finding an experienced lawyer will make all the difference to what you end up with. A good lawyer will ensure you don’t get short-handed by your employer.

Your Repetitive Strain Injury Can’t Wait

If you think you have a repetitive strain injury, don’t wait to get it checked out. Inform your employer that you have an injury and visit your doctor to get checked out. If you leave it too long, you could miss your opportunity to claim the compensation you deserve.

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