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Ideas On What To Do With Your Junk Car


Not all of us keep cars in rotation to gain profit from it. Many people keep their old cars to themselves because of various reasons, sentimental connections being one of them. but this often leads to them becoming junk. So if you have cars or trucks or other vehicles that you have been keeping but are now not in a condition to drive, you may be looking for ideas on what to do with it. Well, the first step is to take it to a mechanic and get it checked to know if it’s total junk or if some repairs can make it work. But if you know that it is of no use anymore, let us see what options you have.

Trade parts

Sell the parts of the car that are in better condition or can give you any sort of monetary benefit. You can talk to different mechanics about it. They will also give you an idea of what parts you can sell and what parts have no use. Even if there is no functional part left, just the structure being metal can also be bought by people.


If the vehicle is abandoned, but still the structure is intact, you can hand it over to recyclers who enjoy bringing old pieces to life. They may give you little to no money, or you can even hire them by paying them to save your vehicle. Social media being common these days is a big help too. Many people earn money by posting recycling videos. You may contact them to have it or restore it as you wish.

Donate it

You may have mechanic schools nearby or science schools that require such material for different experiments and teachings. It will be a very good use for the junk and that way you will be a contributor to the community in a way by helping others gain beneficial knowledge and skills. You can also give it to local charities which can also cause a cut in the taxes for you. Different charities may be interested in having the car for their own usage or for selling it to have money for their needs.


If the car is not totally done and has even a little resale value, it is better to sell it. Pay a visit to nearby junk yar or sellers to know if there are other newer models or better options that you can trade for. Pick the better option and go for it. If you are worried about how the junk is going to be moved, just search for local companies like junk car removal honolulu hi that can take care of the matter.


There are many uses for the old car that stands useless in your driveway and is just a source for extra taxes or a waste of space. Depending on the condition of the car, the options might vary, but there is always a way to have either monetary benefit from it or to give it to others to give it a better purpose rather than just standing useless.

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